Family Congratulates 'Dancing' Stars

Kellie Pickler's husband says he's "so proud" of her "DWTS" win.
1:23 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for Family Congratulates 'Dancing' Stars
Maybe if you want Dancing With The Stars. Can't believe it. You never danced a minute in your life. And you've been doing this for two and a half months news when Dancing With The Stars -- crazy. I'm so -- he's alleged so much and my little gift to you. Is this little -- you. May wish you can't -- -- That you really -- -- stimulus act behind. Valley couldn't be more proud of you was. I think you've been the hardest working -- this season and you've been unbelievable. Thank you for taking care of my little brother and you know given them couple elbows. -- love you both. You are my eyewitness. -- -- Mother is so excited and -- so happy. -- know that you've had this opportunity to do something that you really wanted to -- to participate in Dancing With The Stars. And you're always been my -- no matter what. -- as you know the show is not a -- winning. To see you grow the way you grow is just incredible and. Great great time -- had such a blast watching you and such a great time seeing you have so much fun. And we love you and that we are just very proud -- you Latvia.

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{"id":19233665,"title":"Family Congratulates 'Dancing' Stars","duration":"1:23","description":"Kellie Pickler's husband says he's \"so proud\" of her \"DWTS\" win.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-2013-results-familes-congratulate-kellie-pickler-19233665","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}