'Dancing With the Stars' Carson Kressley Wants to Win

Celebrity discusses why he should be this season's viewer's choice winner.
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Carson Kressley Wants to Win
It's your turn to vote. Which one of these three will make it back to the dance floor when the all-star season of "dancing with the stars" kicks OFF SEPTEMBER 24th. This morning is carson kressley's last chance to convince you he's the one. He's working it. First, take a look at his moves. ♪ just two seasons ago, he took "dancing with the stars" by storm. With zest for life. Eye-catching costumes. And a relentlessly positive attitude. I just hope I can make people smile. ♪ Reporter: His time on "dancing" could be summed up in one word. Definitely fun. Fun. Outrageous fun. ♪ Reporter: But after five weeks, even moves like jagger's weren't enough to save carson kressley. But he is back, hoping for a coveted spot on the "dancing with the stars" all-star cast. And this time, he has a plan. I will actually learn how to dance. Reporter: After kicking off his campaign here on "gma." I know I can be a great dancer this time. Reporter: Carson is going everywhere. I mean, everywhere. On the campaign trail at the kentucky state fair. It's my duty to represent america. Reporter: Searching high and low for those elusive votes. Vote for me now. And right now, carson kressley. Okay. Here we go. ♪ there we go. Thanks, everybody. How are you? I'm full of glitter. Sorry. I was throwing glitter earlier, just to get the crowd hopped up. You got this crowd behind you, I think. I do. That was the great thing about my run on "dancing with the stars." I wasn't the greatest dancer, by any means. But I had a lot of enthusiasm and crowd support. Right, crowd? They love me. Tell us how the campaign's going. What have you been doing? The campaign is going great. I've been traveling. We did campaign spots here. I've been all over the country. Yesterday I was at the kentucky state fair. I was talking to everybody that would listen, even farm animals. We're on the campaign trail. There's two more days to vote. You can go to abc.Com and vote for carson. What have you been doing to get your dancing game on? I have been practicing a lot. I was hosting "dancing with the stars" live in las vegas. I actually know how to dance now. You should see my rumba. Later, in private. Yesterday, we had kyle here. He added to his repertoire. He has something called the tornado to go with the tootsie roll. I don't have any new moves. I can maybe work with josh. I need someone to work on my new moves with me. George is available. I'm hurt. Yeah. I've been practicing a lot. I think my plan is to actually have that enthusiasm and fun and be able to dance on top of it all. Also, "damn yankees" I read? I did a play this summer. And I said, you know I can't sing, dance or act? They said, we don't care. We'll take you anyway. It's been a great run. Ten seconds to make a final pitch to the camera. All right, everybody. You've got to go to abc.Com and vote for carson. I'm going to bring the fun, the sparkle and the hot pants.

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{"id":17064206,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Carson Kressley Wants to Win","duration":"3:00","description":"Celebrity discusses why he should be this season's viewer's choice winner.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-carson-kressley-win-17064206","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}