'Dancing With the Stars' Dancer Melissa Rycroft's Injury

Cecilia Vega seeks the latest information about star's recovery.
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Dancer Melissa Rycroft's Injury
And a big scare in the ballroom. Melissa rycroft rushed to the hospital this weekend, after banging herself up during rehearsals. But doctors cleared her to dance last night. And abc's cecilia vega has the latest on how she's doing right now. Reporter: It was the rehearsal that went terribly wrong. Her sneakers kind of got stuck. And her body kind of bowed. Reporter: Melissa rycroft was wheeled out of "dancing with the stars" practice on a gurney. Her neck in a brace. Her partner, tony dovolani, by her side. She only got the okay to dance in monday's team freestyle just hours before the show. But even with a herniated disc, she pulled it off. Lifts and all. It's really numb right now. Are you going to be okay? Yeah. We'll be fine. Reporter: We caught up with melissa backstage, where she was still a little sore. Was it that close? Right up to the last minute deciding whether it was going to happen? I got up this morning. And I was in hair and makeup going, I'm not cleared. The last thing I heard, I was not approved to dance. Reporter: How nervous does that make you guys? It makes for a very long morning. Reporter: Over the years, other injured stars haven't been that lucky. In season 14, melissa gilbert had to miss one night of competition, after suffering a concussion and whiplash during the paso doble. Missy may-treanor had to stop in season seven. But this all-star season, the pressure is on to up the competition. No pain, no gain. Do you have aches and pains? I have-nots all over my neck and back. My hip is out. Reporter: You guys are dropping like flies out here. No, no. Reporter: You're peeling the band aids off. I'd rather have these. Reporter: After a week of bruises and bandages. Monday night, the dancers perfected their landings. While the judges, well, they landed flat. For "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. We will get the results tonight. "Dancing with the stars" results show at 8:00, 7:00 central, right here on abc.

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{"id":17543450,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Dancer Melissa Rycroft's Injury","duration":"3:00","description":"Cecilia Vega seeks the latest information about star's recovery.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-dancer-melissa-rycrofts-injury-17543450","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}