'DWTS': Maks Chmerkovskiy Not Sorry About Comments

Dancer says he "has nothing to apologize for" following words with Len Goodman.
6:13 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for 'DWTS': Maks Chmerkovskiy Not Sorry About Comments
Are you ready for this Dancing With The Stars -- maximum -- He is about backing down from his criticism of the judges on Monday. He fireworks just kept going -- last night we're -- talk of Max in just moment comes -- who live there Edmund LA in the first a look at all the drama on the dance floor. The New Orleans like it started like this on Monday night. For nearly fifty years. My present to get I would do judge you don't know don't think this event like that's -- -- look and have to everybody read because. Everybody's putting a lot of effort. Talking like that amazed that was not bad -- -- not muzzled for his arm that was -- next -- actually. -- by Tuesday morning -- took to Access Hollywood aloe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Through one of those periods right now have you heard from him since then about -- I haven't got arms system. I think if they don't go to a little bit now that kind of like the mad Max to have found a dollar and -- Perhaps -- most controversial comments Monday were these. With all due respect this is my show you know I helped me -- what it is unloved every obstacle that. I loved every professionalism we've been here -- -- It's -- yeah. But on Tuesday He apologized. The one thing I really wanna apologize for is that I -- have had an idea in my head and it came out wrong. It's on my show -- part of a very large casting them very proud of being here. Com and actually -- -- to do. -- is joining -- -- I think Ted -- three first off congratulations. I know you were in jeopardy unit hope but she made it through. Another round and you did say that you apologize -- for saying that what's your show that you realize that -- part of a team. Any other regrets any second thoughts what she said the -- or anything else Max. -- -- No -- no. Not really -- look you know -- some I apologize. Was. -- my grandma was who was dying of cancer and fortunately for everything that I may have done wrong. I'm definitely have nothing to apologize for to -- Certainly not carry you know so -- can -- all these faces those who wants. I love the show I love the fence. I love every aspect of it and -- was the whole idea behind. What came out wrong in my show I feel like it's my it's my family it's my home and will be installed. Many many times over the course of offseason and then also doing the show is that. You know we part of the -- were doing the stuff together. So. You know as far as I understand it's it's us and is the judges and is the crew and it's everybody else and then -- part of would be big cats. When I got on this show six years ago I actually treated it as -- -- contestant. And everybody here tried really hard to change my mind and say look nexus of show you know there are other. You know elements to it like celebrity stories like where -- come from what they bring to the cast and everything -- so you know I embraced -- You know but one thing I'm not gonna embraces pointed fingers and disrespectful remarks so why is -- that the judge is allowed to. Compares to animals. You know and and say stuff that they think it's funny when it's nothing constructive -- all. And we can't you know. They -- your opinion basically. I know that you have said what first among the other dancers. What are they -- -- -- and saw this happen. Blazes -- their supportive. The guys are gets -- them later. You know Tony's obviously. One might closest friends and he's my best friend you know -- And and to be quite frank with you I really don't care about. Anybody else's opinion what I do know is that. Though some others that voice their opinion and and -- -- -- Like you said they're entitled to two to their own -- Getting dirtier -- and continent -- there -- is that a supportive of the judges are saying that's what they're there to do to judge like that. Well let me ask you because there -- cover has been very supportive of his personal career on the show and you know when you -- judge has been generous. With all due respect -- -- -- -- -- -- here. -- budget -- -- -- by regulators probably would not be very upset with the judges either you know having said that I think that. You know looking back I had a long conversation -- my dad and you know and -- I don't regret anything you know and and and that's where that's why. I think I'm misunderstood a little bit in this situation. You know who is waiting for me to buy my head you know. Taking me and say I'm sorry and plea for forgiveness have nothing to apologize for like -- I'm in this business you know because I love it. And you know UIQ I can really I can't really lose. With. Remarks like this so would that -- people -- looking like you know I'm reading I'm reading was being sad how how He dared to speak league this. Well guys it's very simple you know seventeen years ago. I was given an opportunity to live in the country where I can actually exercised my freedom of speech and you're not afraid to do that I don't know. I know people don't always -- where I -- where I grew up there wasn't possible so. You know five on the -- who as -- concerned as well I think that communion down though you are. You are extremely passionate you are a teacher -- you and your brother Val. Don't know how the judges -- -- react -- this when -- -- the other dance floor again with hope but thank you for. Max always stepping up and being willing to. Share your views with the -- audience we really really a priest always. But really quick also you know one thing I don't want to do is out of one hoped to have any kind of negative. Why -- this you know she's she's truly r.'s star and she's been doing an amazing job thank you Max thanks.

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{"id":14815991,"title":"'DWTS': Maks Chmerkovskiy Not Sorry About Comments","duration":"6:13","description":"Dancer says he \"has nothing to apologize for\" following words with Len Goodman.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-drama-maks-chmerkovskiy-comments-judge-len-14815991","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}