'Dancing With the Stars' 2012: 'Urkel,' DeGraw

Sherri Shepherd, Gladys Knight also join cast of ABC's hit show for the 2012.
9:14 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' 2012: 'Urkel,' DeGraw
We are here with a host Tom -- -- -- saying I'm gonna step back all right and let you do your name announcer our problem. And I -- Our first. Competitor here is -- top forty singer who recorded five albums also known for is unforgettable roles on general hospital. -- Melrose blaze -- giddy dance we're gonna find out come on out. Jack Wagner. You might feel little nostalgic when you hear the name of this and -- nominated TV icon she -- the beloved character Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. -- less exotic -- Okay. Question for you later -- Watch out for our next Ariza Super Bowl champion -- -- force to be reckoned with the Green Bay packers' all time leading receiver. -- told the driver. -- -- -- -- Next we -- C. Still another star you may also recognize him from Jennifer Lopez -- steamy video for -- -- CEO. William Levy could not be here with us this morning but -- see you. For -- that's right. That's Jim alive cuddling on a beach somewhere. Don't know her is to love her you can see here every day on TV is one of the hosts of one of my favorite shows the views you can make you laugh can -- win your votes. -- -- -- -- -- this opera stars sing beautifully on Dancing With The Stars season twelve. Katherine Jenkins also could hear this morning. But she's ready to hit on -- high notes in this competition. Next job. We have another singer who enjoys riding his own songs -- -- platinum selling artist who's eager to rob the dance floor let's bring out Gavin McGraw. Thank you very much. -- -- -- the best players to ever step onto the tennis court this superstar smashed records with her killer left can't serve. The inspirational. Martina Navratilova. VA's those still are Disney Channel shake -- up -- else does a booming hip hop career let me. -- -- -- -- Good about it. Next CBOs pleasant teen beauty queen now she can be frequently spotted looking smashing on the red carpet. Very Eminem does come -- Don't -- That's only -- your partner had to be aged twelve this dark created the role of these. -- goal a sitcom characters so popular. Here appeared on court different TV shows let's say hello to John Leo YE. -- -- our credit hour. I am so excited to introduce you to our last superstar she -- the empress result. She recorded her first album with the fifth at the tender age at sixteen. Did I give it away. -- Gladys Knight yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. This is so this might she -- don't know. Pretty big but Cuba right up to the center stage and said that lets give a round of applause for the entire. Anthony was. Let me ask you. So between now. That you could saying you know midnight train to Georgia visits as to the soundtrack of our lives they so -- -- -- They never let me you know and up -- -- -- I have always loved -- -- You know -- and I can let him. -- -- but that's what made me want to do it -- I've I've worked with four of the six. Yeah. -- here so -- loyalties are somewhat challenged. The list you view us that via text when you signed on and you said you were petrified a few weeks ago -- -- -- -- Little better actually given I don't know how to better because now that -- veil of mystery is -- -- Hi -- you know and I'm not carry around secret I don't feel like -- in the witness protection program and drive up. -- Yes it's gonna leave them. Jack -- -- thank you kind of way and to tell but I think so far as your biggest competition hair. What we're backstage uses these guys moving around girl like -- and I'm Mike -- a -- I'd better get it together that hear them. I think everybody is going to be pretty tough. Geisel Cindy sizing everybody up testing -- and politicize this guy up on the end here -- the way he came out he owned this stage. Right away. A little -- about unfair advantage the advantage of -- because -- clo. Yeah -- baby. Come on you know he had acted upon these events take this is a completely different -- -- then did he had to live baby I was live our lives I don't really have -- advancing past the I'm doing my mom to -- -- show that's got wind that I was asked dealing. You don't you don't have the mambo -- go. The biggest hit the market. Until global what -- -- happy. Everything to have a little bit of advantages -- because of your your attitude or is that the physical training. Think once you get to know the muscles under the -- -- and make investment and another is another issue but. This is -- pulled up into the. She areas and -- Jerry. They've been very open about your desire to do this. Isn't living up your expectations of his early -- -- Let's not petrified but she nailed her picture by ethnicity and I got it scared -- -- I call -- and fifth birthday. Not that you know this can happen in government have left the view that -- -- -- -- -- -- they had their credit mountaineer and you know. That now I want to get a Spears' dad but how haven't and -- get a mirror -- No. -- find out more importantly we will all be matched up with the a live two hour event Monday march 19 87. Find out more about the new -- dance with the stars Good Morning America dot com and on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"9:14","description":"Sherri Shepherd, Gladys Knight also join cast of ABC's hit show for the 2012.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15806886","title":"'Dancing With the Stars' 2012: 'Urkel,' DeGraw","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-dwts-2012-cast-gladys-knight-steve-15806886"}