'DWTS': Final 3 Discuss Hope Solo's Exit, Finals

Ricki Lake, JR Martinez and Rob Kardashian on preparing for the championship.
5:03 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for 'DWTS': Final 3 Discuss Hope Solo's Exit, Finals
Ricki Lake rob -- dashing -- Martinez live in Los Angeles thanks for getting a burly guys. Good morning during morning prayers well let's get knocked -- So this is the data -- this is crunch time only a few more days. To go and Ricky -- you are. In the -- no protection out there. Adam in the lead -- I think we're all equal equal playing field but on but I I am really I surprised myself at how well I've done and am so happy to be in the final. These guys. JR I gotta say the other night you really looked to be in so much pain hand holding it and write -- -- ankle feeling right now. Vehicles. Fine I mean I twist in the early in the week ended you know on Monday night I'd just -- chances to get a little bit more. Com would have been -- him some rest and pictures and negatives so. Kind of pissed myself struggling facility -- are you are already bought rehearsing. Now I think we all started today later today -- a few hours few hours we'll get back into it but you know they never ends. I hope you get a nap first and rob we have got -- -- Donny Osmond here yesterday and he went way out on the limb he says you're gonna win this thing. -- while I agree that is amazing to come from. Wolf first and foremost Good Morning America if you didn't get. -- Good Morning America. While -- how -- the video news. Donnie -- said he really coming on strong and we all watched. Your mom last. And on Monday night kind of break -- what she was so much pride -- -- -- -- after the performance. I mean she came and believe that -- here we've done -- nine weeks I mean. I'm sure she did not expect this my entire family they can't even believe like we're in the finals like -- I can't even believe that I mean. I can't believe the times has gone by and consumer having to be here now we all kinda have a clean slate just got all bring it this weekend have a great performance on Monday. We all got a pretty now wanna know how we're rod UNJ are actually gonna bring the competitive fire to -- I'm money is -- show a little bit. Of the -- it seems like you guys have developed a really close friendship on the show. Why should America vote to keep you -- me because I loved to dance. Okay. All of the peak. I am really good reason agreement the somebody gets -- -- did you get a closer scrutiny and it he had -- last -- Toobin -- saying that we like. Clinched thirteen consent. Is really funny -- -- forget they cameras and audio that they really capture every one dollar and I'm not love Rick I love Ricky justice Elliott this that we are levied oh is that unless you think you've. On TV for so much and I'm -- live television -- to -- of that microphone -- be all day long during those rehearsals that you not gonna miss that. Hit. No I mean and that's -- reality television they capture everything -- that they want something dramatic to happen and certainly there's been a lot of drama of the season. But on you know I'm ready I'm ready for a day off next week I love this experience I'm so happy we in the finals who knows who's gonna win. And ultimately you know we're -- -- walk away from his experience being you know really really proud of ourselves we did some great -- Well you all ought to be all ought to be so proud -- we're looking forward haven't all of your next Wednesday morning afternoon and the and one more on life flight. -- -- after the having an -- in Baghdad -- -- tell me about if you look through for this final week -- you look at possibly get freestyle -- -- start with you. What's going to be your inspiration -- -- Oh my gosh well you know. Yeah I think he'll be a little bit and like my weight loss journey in there. Somewhere and I'll be doing some tricks -- hasn't picked up his sleeve I'm not sure what exactly but he's done pretty low on the finals every time he's done it was one. So hopefully he'll he'll do something great with -- -- we'll stand -- JR. Well for me amazes lead and I'll hang out at me in -- -- -- out of the bag or whatever agreement choreographed this has no interest me on this to go with it and really selling can make him look good it entertaining everybody at home. I think that's the biggest thing and I want to do that want to go to big. Staying and we've heard some words here that -- I do know what you mean Iraq -- McDonough has an ingenious. Com definitely gonna try mean there's no turning back run homer on the last week -- -- injured world tire -- exhausted but. He's got to give it 200% this week and hopefully have a great performance from Monday good luck next week look forward to seeing all. Next -- saying well you know they can do Monday on Dancing With The Stars at 8:7 central hockey --

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{"id":14963122,"title":"'DWTS': Final 3 Discuss Hope Solo's Exit, Finals","duration":"5:03","description":"Ricki Lake, JR Martinez and Rob Kardashian on preparing for the championship.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-dwts-final-discuss-hope-solos-exit-14963122","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}