'DWTS' Finale: Behind the Scenes With Judges

Cameron Mathison on what the judges, audience looks for when choosing winner.
4:20 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Finale: Behind the Scenes With Judges
Accounting out of the finals of dancing. Three couples loved one look at the mirror ball trophy next Tuesday night everyone's gonna join us live here Wednesday morning. And so much of their fate is in the hands of the judges right now so one of the judges think how are they handling the pressure are dancing veteran Ken -- went behind the scenes to find out. -- -- -- You want -- predict -- and win Dancing With The Stars don't count on Len Goodman thought and the world's worst predictor. Slim once figured none of them were making this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll cut that -- -- doesn't wake -- -- -- home car crash sheared. In the final. Ricky light -- away hurry in basic and work she's. In -- fortieth and in my beloved wife. Soldier you know -- Lou Dobbs bank candidates just -- -- -- -- -- -- What can -- Martinez win over the judges -- nursing a twisted ankle. -- -- -- so hopefully. You be able to do expects. Bruno Tonioli personal favorite all season Ricki -- -- days. Personal favorite for Carrie Ann Inaba Len Len Goodman JR's instant job. And Kerry and was impressed with rob Kardashian and Argentine tango. This season winner will be determined by the judges' scores. I'm wondering how the social media aspect of Twitter the FaceBook plays into that it. Did you still feel like the judges have that much influence. On the viewers school. I don't know I will say it feels like the social media sites like Twitter and FaceBook it's like. Simmons surgeries and that flat and they all follow along whether it makes sense or not -- Sometimes in my opinion it goes off in the wrong direction and had to go to bed very sad about what I'm seeing people saying. But they have a right to your opinion that is that that is the beauty of our show. We judge what we think the one note and litigated -- you to connect more to the audience because that is a whole another level of performance and you also have the opportunity to judge. Opportunity to judge is days away when it's crucial to score well on the freestyle. That's the dance contestants predictions. -- big -- Rules. Which that's crucial column this show continued -- endorsement. I'm an old -- -- -- -- -- some kind. Choreographed -- ten American music genre will be something different no -- so. Threatening comments today but I couldn't tell you -- dancing around and I'm not damage. You know fearless and I'm your risk taker because I want the ball and the -- -- -- -- like -- The judges -- way to take on the mirror ball trophy the contestants really need to focus and obviously other -- work and on the freestyle now. Kerry -- also told me that she is the only one with a Twitter account so when the fans have something to say to any of the judges she takes the heat. All three -- -- George they may not be able to pick here but I would like your pick who do you think this. When I was a string -- put me on the spot like -- -- this is a tough -- this -- if you would have asked me last to get his head hands down JR. But you know that ankle injury if he can't dance. On Monday that could -- and hold them back I'm not I guess I'm knowledge -- I don't see -- do and -- I guess that leaves me. With Ricky but it's also -- little car from Italy that believe that -- gonna get his what third. Trophy. If that happens. Yeah you're here here's another quick fact is Derek has never gone into the finals and not one so that's -- -- -- And I think that I still think reverend JR's your ticket home.

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{"id":14972413,"title":"'DWTS' Finale: Behind the Scenes With Judges","duration":"4:20","description":"Cameron Mathison on what the judges, audience looks for when choosing winner.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-dwts-finale-scenes-judges-14972413","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}