'DWTS' Pros Blast Tough 'Dance Moms' Coach

Derek Hough, Mark Ballas criticize Abby Lee Miller's techniques on Twitter.
0:49 | 02/23/12

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Pros Blast Tough 'Dance Moms' Coach
-- it takes two to tango there's quite a fight on the dance floor right now stars -- two of the hottest reality shows are going at it online and on television. Two of the pros of Dancing With The Stars are speaking out against the star of dance moms I'm happy with the way she treats her students. ABC's -- -- the military -- -- the story. She yells to what an idiot and anyone anyone walking out of dissenters doctor. -- -- -- got here she even it makes them crying she is Abby -- Miller the tough love dances. Your millions of Americans just can't get enough club happy -- a group of promising pint sized performers on the hit lifetime reality series dance mom. Happy can be incredibly volatile times and sometimes she'd just -- -- it's -- away or there's no way. But her take no prisoners approach has some people crying foul and now Dancing With The Stars -- -- Derek Cox -- fast -- to the parade. Wednesday -- -- I'm sorry but this dance -- show is straight up abusive. Kids run it -- right child abuse isn't right I'm livid right now. He added I believe in discipline and a strong work ethnic. But there's nothing productive about screaming and making little girls cry over being on the wrong foot -- -- Fellow Dancing With The Stars cast mate Mark Ballas also -- -- -- the Twitter -- this teacher lady is crazy completely wrong attitude towards the kids it's embarrassing. Now these harsh tactics have viewers split. Mary Lou -- remember her -- still accruing used to just believe he was all up and I fastballs right. Yeah -- don't you have elite athletes. This is how a lot of those -- -- Supporters say that the harsh style of coaches like corolla and -- breeds success and would we visited with -- earlier this year she defended her -- I'm teaching my -- mind. My track record proves it's -- I -- kids all of a Broadway and everything else but -- himself a former child dance prodigy points out. There's a difference between being strict and being abusive. Experts agree and say that parents are the ones who needed judge would -- to teaching their kids -- -- -- being a bully. In the meantime don't expect these -- to be doing that -- -- together anytime soon. Can expect that -- -- I have to say I spent two days with them to girls and without the -- And and the girls are afraid of -- they do fear her but they love her at the same time did you ever feel like she is crossing a line you know I didn't sense that because you knew what -- expecting -- -- -- -- the moms and they may fight with her about as Abby says for some reason they keep coming back also remembered this -- -- -- -- Right sad state Tanzania.

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{"id":15774015,"title":"'DWTS' Pros Blast Tough 'Dance Moms' Coach","duration":"0:49","description":"Derek Hough, Mark Ballas criticize Abby Lee Miller's techniques on Twitter.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-dwts-pros-blast-tough-dance-moms-15774015","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}