'DWTS' Season 14 Premiere: Carson Kressley's Take

"DWTS" alum reveals highlights from highly-anticipated season 14 premiere.
6:20 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Season 14 Premiere: Carson Kressley's Take
Well -- Internet people -- and I was the hottest premiere ever for Dancing With The Stars. There were unbelievable moves and the highest scores of -- first episode so let's take a look and see who sizzled here's my take. OK let's talk about the -- everybody. All right let's start first with. Joseph Lil white -- are actually Thursday -- he's in a number one position. Average scored 26 point zero I don't know what that means that I only ever got six -- when I was on the show. Thanks judges all right let's take a look at the video. Here we go -- -- house vote. I don't think that it -- we'll. -- -- -- but here we -- here comes the -- everybody -- is learning how to operate. Amazing song. Amazing -- Lonely smooth flawless they have great chemistry I think -- -- strong point if they really act out the song. When Kim told me that -- -- was amazing I was like okay outlive my Fiat. He's amazing. OK let's move on to Sherri shepherd. I adore Sherri shepherd great song -- Think it's hard to find the song with your name and -- -- out. On she's not maybe not the best dancer ever but she's currently the Carson of this season which presents itself and got to be true -- because he's having a great time even -- Maybe not the best dancer she's enjoying it people really respond to that and -- me every time. Totally think they're going to go far. Let's move on to Katherine Jenkins you're saying who the hell is Katherine Jenkins connected on TV. That's what I was thinking she's an opera singer from England she is totally lovely. I didn't love this stressed that I was a little bulky -- And a little old looking lives. On -- moves are beautiful she's so fluid they have lovely chemistry. And -- I think she's gonna go very far mean -- you couldn't get enough votes to business. Fans here to get the job done I loved that movie she stole that from when I was -- remember I did that with -- -- -- -- -- Anyway they're gonna go far let's move on to Donald Driver -- called the police because there's been a robbery okay. Palau do you think he you know you can't think Michael little woman because she got kicked up early last season and -- like I have not been. They kicked off this -- this early this year -- at work it. And he was really good -- Very precise come on look at them -- -- my pockets where I was so excited. All right if I watched him and he wanted to get mad because the -- totally robbed them. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- For rent over polo. Did you see -- part where he was just like just do that William all you have to do is that usually get a win. Those arms wide as yet so many clothes on that's the real question I please get a fish net tank -- -- here. They're gonna go really far he's amazing. I got a tweet with a with a -- the -- -- -- I don't know -- that means I think -- -- your perfect ten super -- yes. I -- just. That we look amazing together look at that -- -- All right let's -- on -- menu notes. Also quite gorgeous. Really nice job -- -- first which is so hard. I like they're cautioning. She's so gorgeous and thin and beautiful. I think she could use a little bit more personality we'll see that things that you get behind they have nice chemistry do you see that they're out. That was really good -- all right let's move on we got much time Gladys Knight 67. Years old people. I chickened -- and she's flexible she's amazing. She -- so many fans. Heard saying -- -- when she forgets about it differently gratefully she thinks about it careful techniques out. Moving on to Gavin to draw okay. Here is the best partner ever Farina won last season -- care Martinez. I thought he was little lost in this routine -- there wasn't any chemistry just smiling a lot but not like involved in the -- You got them moves like Wagner. I was he now last season anyway. Bob. This is not a great song I mean I love the -- that's a hard line against healing -- -- make exciting. I think they were very technically correct. Lord knows I love my honest Hedlund sky -- I -- every -- a nice. You know -- attitude here I just. They need to bring a little more sizzle. -- -- -- a -- -- love love. That's a -- pot in her make over I mean look Al Gore -- Fantastic and I think the really cool thing about Dancing With The Stars that you see other -- to people that you really know about and it was great to see this glamorous pretty. Fun loving side of Martina. Let's talk about where -- -- again. We -- that's not where Shawn -- Let's do this. That's where -- looks so different in this picture. Very weird he looked just like Martina. We're gonna talk about -- -- the youngest of the cast I think he's 21 he was one of the best answers and I think he could have been right at the top. He was very very precise when he was like doing is fast moves -- right on the money so. He also could win this and last but not least. Melissa Gilbert again shockingly she looks just like Martina Navratilova. We're gonna try the video here. OK let's talk just pretend you didn't see this America. Let's talk about Melissa Gilbert could all half pint OK Jeff the most amazing partner Max thank you so much for -- buttoning a shirt made my night. You were a little over bronze. -- I have some com. They're gonna have some difficulties to overcome because she's a little bit stiff it was a little bit behind. But it's still early in the season you can do this militant -- -- All right -- those are my thoughts we'll see you next week that's my take see you soon.

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{"id":15960869,"title":"'DWTS' Season 14 Premiere: Carson Kressley's Take","duration":"6:20","description":"\"DWTS\" alum reveals highlights from highly-anticipated season 14 premiere.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-dwts-season-14-premiere-carson-kressleys-15960869","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}