'DWTS' Down to the Final Five

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus discuss "Dancing With the Stars."
3:22 | 11/04/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Down to the Final Five
Nancy Grace grace is back with us now she's taking -- legal legal hot she's put her -- issues. As we all -- she's a fan favorite on Dancing With The Stars. And now that the show is down to the final five the pressure is really on Nancy and her partner -- don't need me to tell them that they've been rehearsing nonstop. Thankfully -- they've taken a short break. You know land they're joining us hello Nancy I trust and -- good morning -- good morning -- anti does it feel to be in the final five. You know while Lara I have and he was -- down and think about it recording in rehearsals for Monday night that we didn't rehearsals for Monday night. And -- -- the -- in this tank edited so I think free he called me if this job I -- -- ever heard of that challengers and yeah yeah yeah -- -- Different is the and we get their music tiny tiny necessarily -- -- -- guns but please apologize Bill Watson and then -- so. So let me ask students on what what do you do what you you don't have the music what do you do you just give her the -- and -- -- the music goes along with it. Way yeah I mean you can't you have practice track so we now we don't attempt all of the sounds -- we -- have allowed only going to be. Selanne -- put the -- CNN and then we'll try relayed an -- and evaluated day under the net us a little fun today okay. -- -- I doubt -- -- explains why he looks so fantastic Nancy can you can you give us an update. How much -- -- have you lost how many inches have you lost because -- -- look great. Wolf thank you the I don't know about the inches and I didn't have a scale out here in LA -- -- finally bought -- I'd love to -- three -- completely by accident. The kids we are in rehearsals all day when I'm not on patiently and or with my twins. And this and -- -- really doesn't give me a break. So 23 -- I can't believe -- she is a weight loss specialist and I know you would seven your husband I can't believe that he didn't notice your weight loss. -- -- house to have noticed at this point. What you know the true says. He thought -- great the other way -- lie down in and my advice is if you're a guy doesn't like you how you are. You need to find -- -- -- Of course that's your advice that's why we love you. Hey I have to ask you between the legal legal hat and the dance and choose not to mention being super mom. How do you do it. You know -- -- like every other working mother and America in my grandmother worked in a factory. Helped -- a farm and raised two children my mom pretty much. -- the same hours so every working mom in America is doing what I'm doing I just. Get to do with him now that's an added that -- the -- unless he's ground that is that is upon us. Hey I know that there was -- a moment I want to show it's not sound like Tristan and and get your reaction to this take a look. The whole thing is about bringing the full might in the room that's it death does not take it too seriously. It's I didn't -- -- I can say -- Irish way that I'm not not trying to finish -- sentence Sutherland and it. Please if you -- right so let's let's just commented as finer not -- and -- it. Causes -- RI Anglo.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus discuss \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14880314","title":"'DWTS' Down to the Final Five","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-nancy-grace-tristan-macmanus-final-five-14880314"}