'GMA's' Epic Wedding Winners Take to the Dance Floor

Tony Dovolani helps the couple with their dance moves a day before they get married on live TV.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA's' Epic Wedding Winners Take to the Dance Floor
of my life ♪ There's only one day until our Fam epic wedding. Can you believe it? It's right around the corner. We have our couple here. Jaime and Alex. You walk down the aisle live here on television tomorrow. And we're not talking about one of the most exciting parts of the event. The wedding dance. It's such a trend to choreogra choreograph. Our guest, tone Y dovolani. Did I do it right? Very good. This week, he's been coaching Jeremy and Alex. And we're doing more practice this morning. We were practicing the entire morning. They're ready. They're so awesome to work with. I think this is a really good match. I do, too. Scale of 1 to 5, very excited? Absolutely. She's much more prepared than I, but we're still going to make it through. Tony, teach us a couple of moves. Lead us through. First of all, in every wedding, even should at least know these three moves. The two step. A side tap side tap side tap. If you get a little bit overzealous, you do the hip bump. If the guys do this, they get popular. If they can throw in a spin like -- very good. After you do a hip bump, you can do a spin. Put it all together. And we can hear, as we hip bump Werk can hear -- The right foot over. Turn. And then he does the pose. Yeah. Can you hear that music? That's John ledge. You know he'll be here live singing for you wedding. One more move? I would love for them to show you a little bit of the dance. Give us a preview. Of course. While we watch, Tony, you have a special thing coming up. Your old partner, Leah remini. You're going to be on her show. That's right. She's going to end up teaches me how the dance on the show. Which is a lot of fun. She's been a blast to work with. She's an amazing person. The fact that she brought me in was exciting for me to do something different. Your episode of "The exes" February 19th, right? Yes. You're branching out. I've been working for "Extra." This weekend, in mohegan sun. Look at the rumba. Beautiful.

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{"id":22495078,"title":"'GMA's' Epic Wedding Winners Take to the Dance Floor","duration":"3:00","description":"Tony Dovolani helps the couple with their dance moves a day before they get married on live TV.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-performer-tony-dovolani-shows-gmas-epic-22495078","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}