'Dancing With the Stars' Premiere: Inside Rehearsals

Cameron Mathison goes behind the scenes to see opening night preparations.
3:08 | 03/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Premiere: Inside Rehearsals
-- and in now on opening night the season fourteen of Dancing With The Stars just a week away. So rehearsed event kicked into high gear and -- -- went to the studios to see how things are shaping up. One more grueling week of dance lessons I got -- cities with little better -- they've been doing. Before the nerve -- season premiere of Dancing With The Stars that's about the president's first week it it. I'm -- should not be -- Like -- -- trek actor model William Levy chalk -- with Cheryl Burke tweeted that dancing is harder than any sport. He is let -- all he'd better be able to move those hips his Dennis. -- -- To his country. You'll see Maria Derrick Cha Cha next week's premier -- probably won't see that's what we're on the -- to -- -- -- How did you look. Yeah. That's really -- You can't have risen. Should be coordinated you know singer songwriter Gavin -- -- taught by -- last season. And -- -- -- Smirnoff tweeted that he wants to move like Mick Jagger. Not his -- her. The truth won't hurt Gladys Knight she encourages FaceBook and Twitter -- -- from viewers at preparers have. An honest critique. Then -- and that's phony. Good Morning America watched Jack Wagner -- Anna Trebunskaya critique. Their -- fox -- I love me yeah. -- Let me. It's challenging but it's challenging in a way that I -- I was surprised to see that he had such natural. Ability I was very happy about that visit makes my dogs a -- easy out. Martina Navratilova tweeted that she treated her teacher total total -- to a ski trip. Sherrie -- show her Twitter followers the flowers she got from vouch for their -- from. In rehearsal it's very hard to be funny because I'm I'm very very jury didn't -- -- I get nervous because is like ten minutes of -- funny no points -- Expect what do we have -- memory already is that she has -- incredible nervous -- -- -- -- -- From there a source of -- it's it's adulthood and sometimes it's a -- yes the you never know in the end of Maria may have the last lap when the mirror ball trophy winner is now. For Good Morning America I'm Cameron mathison at home. And the new season of Dancing With The Stars premieres next Monday march 19 at 8 eastern 7 central right here on ABC two hour premiere event.

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{"id":15901218,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Premiere: Inside Rehearsals","duration":"3:08","description":"Cameron Mathison goes behind the scenes to see opening night preparations.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-premiere-inside-rehearsals-15901218","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}