"DWTS" Prom Night: Who Was the King and Queen?

Kellie Pickler, Jacoby Jones and Zendaya shined during Week 3 of "Dancing With the Stars."
4:01 | 04/02/13

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Transcript for "DWTS" Prom Night: Who Was the King and Queen?
What's the word of the day, energy? A lot of energy. No beets, no beets. Sherri is not shy about weighing in. Last night's high4r50i9s. . There were high kicks. Acrobatic splits. ♪ Now we got to cut loose ♪ and this. ♪ it was prom night on the dance floor and energy was running high. ♪ Right about now ♪ ♪ right about now ♪ ♪ about now about now ♪ a sparkling kellie pickler reigned once again with a "footloose" jive. Flying around like a wasp at picnic. Jacoby jones with a tender rumba. Passion and that's fire on the dance floor. 16-year-old zendaya was full of elegance during herv. Viennese waltz. Sean lowe brought his biceps front and center for his cha-cha inspired by "ymca" while boxer victor ortiz showed his strength with a powerful contemporary routine, his best performance yet. ♪ but it was more bad news for comedian d.L. Hughley. If you are a sex machine, I'm america's next top model, I'm telling you. Reporter: With the lowest score of the night wynonna disappointed len again. Like mt. Rushmore, you look magnificent but you don't move. Okay, let's hear what sherri thinks. You know, I absolutely loved it. I'm looking at my former partner val and zendaya. She probably only rehearses a few hours as opposed to the older folks like us. You know, val never lifted me and did all the lifts. I heard him say oh jesus when i ran towards him. I'm just saying but kellie pickler, kellie pickler, derek hough by far is one of the best choreographers on "dancing with the stars." Kellie pickler was so wonderful. Her body just moves. Don't you love her body? I do. We were saying. Her energy. She has great energy. Wynonna rider, she's in there -- wynonna ryder? Wynonna judd. Wynonna ryder was the one who took all the stuff. Wynonna judd, she's not stealing no scores, wynonna judd, "dancing with the stars." Like how I brought that back around. Wynonna judd, she's trying. What prom was this? Like rocker prom. Rocker. Not with the pole, no. You didn't do the pole? But I think wynonna is trying. She's getting in there. D.L. Hughley, did you guys see d.L. Hughley? Yeah. What did you think? Some white men can't jump. Some black men can't dance. What is andy telling you about how this is going? Andy is doing great. He is loving life and he's loving the show. He's doing it. D.L. Is trying. D.L. Hughley is trying but he's funny and that's keeping people, you know, keeping them -- do you think andy can go the distance? I absolutely believe andy can go the distance. It's coming out. You see that quirkiness, that boyish charm. Andy, I think he's going to go far. At the end of the day people want to see people who can really dance. How much does his charm and hard work -- you think he can't dance? Every week -- he got the bigger improvement -- everybody wants to see a story which is why the all-stars didn't do so well. They like the story, they like the journey. Who goes home. I think d.L. Has to worry and wynonna judd has to worry. Wynonna ryder already had her day. She's safe. She didn't take it. It was not guilty. Watch tonight. Zhang you, shethank you, sherri. General that van/star of

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{"id":18861902,"title":"\"DWTS\" Prom Night: Who Was the King and Queen?","duration":"4:01","description":"Kellie Pickler, Jacoby Jones and Zendaya shined during Week 3 of \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-prom-night-season-16-king-queen-18861902","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}