'Dancing With the Stars' Season 14 Cast Interviews

Cameron Mathison gets the stars' reactions following announcement on "GMA."
6:24 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 14 Cast Interviews
What has been the hardest parts of four for. Beaten quite in keeping a secret actually -- -- instantly from every -- because I was so excited and I don't have. Time. -- it hasn't been doing really really well to look over that. -- and he's he's at and that showed some natural ability. I hate it. He taught me -- game. -- -- -- Are the night yes it -- I'm really haven't academics I didn't see how that means he could take time. Other -- got a -- Eighty cents and his I want sentinel and -- learn everything -- -- and he's a great teacher and a great partners I'm completely lessen my. I'm excited I can't wait to get to I think -- little better. Wasn't hit that first the -- Well so which part of she's back home in England. He puts and glad there a couple of days. We'll have a perspective maintenance what you guys haven't actually kind of start -- -- -- -- yet. You had to make a part -- only met him through YouTube. -- and other -- three to. The talkback. Is that hottest piece that it oh ever. But. Strictly facts of this book book and -- is this business is I got the hot his partner. You can possibly imagine he's one of the best dances in the world I prayed for now and -- -- at this -- out last season that was despite. All my guys it's not just Max that does this runs in the family -- as they run down the street -- -- -- out. How the accident -- US as it didn't as far as like how fuels in the body the muscles in your typical. Well I'm sort of places that I didn't have been -- before but not up to -- so. Don't let the view hospital in nice to me. But it's just completely different phonetic you know this is a close everything -- -- here at. This is all open so it's. To -- your body is the difference. It is a lot to it you know the first couple days you know. Even actually with a nervous with my body's -- and I don't know -- that kind of duties will live but as time goes on anybody -- you know where it now but I think I'm have a lot of -- And you know these -- academy cities -- whistle of a better know they've been doing. You know why it's so easy to sit at the table -- criticize and judge. People dead ends with the stars and you know when people head injuries like here right you got injured are you doing this for -- -- your leg out. OK I pop my leg out MS -- It's the biggest the biggest challenge for me is really getting over that frustration of not being able to do you know knowing you -- -- -- time and time and time again and just trusting her. And she's been very patient so far and that's going to be to keep that this people who are there really musical world. Completely physically and coordinated you know you can't -- ball. One of them. -- -- But. -- it. Giving a diet plans for the show as far as what you -- he can keep energy up because he's like who has helped me with that I'm not a dancer. You know I'm really not dancer at a certain things that I understand that they do it as stores -- -- and you know spam and and that kind of stuff that I would know about so I'm looking forward to learning a lot of things from him in this coupled with -- -- socially. Our OPEC are helped the Boston. Area. Did you have any sort of pre show rituals that you would do any good -- I just absolutely have to go. Forget it you got it was always taught you know. Let it go man you got it because a director or choreographer won't let -- go until you read is that your head it always tells you you're not. Red tennis Maria opened you know what you're doing have been practicing it for many many years this is in all of them letting my Benson three weeks so some good pressure and. Being on TV and dancing are two different things you know I mean. When you're out they're not looking for cameras are doing a stand up high end here at Dancing With The Stars -- I mean you're dancing. -- heat easily -- concern about selling out there that show he was -- tell that he doesn't need to Wear pads all the time. That was cool other -- no -- rule but now it. But no -- so it's pressure because you know so many people you know I want to make that ladies of the -- out of Miami -- -- it gets them offered a big deal -- So I'm actually go home we want that they don't be really -- -- -- seems so relaxed about this. Maybe is because I'm great you know I don't really watch the show. But at saint on the area where -- Champions. Non on YouTube in the deficit -- so maybe it's my ignorance that's protected you right now and -- when I want heroic. -- embrace this let's start this is -- would embrace -- yes. Have you seen that side of -- Ali yeah yeah I mean that the number one thing anger yesterday we -- -- was don't talk about I you're talking what it. -- up and I was wrong that's networks to you and I'm sorry it's you know everything. -- -- In we the books. And it's just very -- -- Beautiful and then from what I've known people that work to their -- -- no word of mass she's lovely sound -- put them. She television got a -- he added I -- I mean that I'm night and beat -- and legs and that pain. When you first heard -- it was going to be a partner -- -- My thoughts way. We have -- great chemistry is we do rebounds. In his home completely opposite of yet there. She's definitely the voice in this relationship for our way that this is that fast -- of today's I have to be honest on the most honest. On the bond on the phone with the land and settlements and I think this. Enough about -- -- like this knows that these.

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{"id":15810693,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Season 14 Cast Interviews","duration":"6:24","description":"Cameron Mathison gets the stars' reactions following announcement on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-season-14-cast-interviews-15810693","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}