Pickler Freestyle Brings 'DWTS' Judge to Tears

Jacoby Jones, Aly Raisman, Zendaya and Kellie Pickler battle for fan votes during the "DWTS" finale.
5:00 | 05/21/13

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Transcript for Pickler Freestyle Brings 'DWTS' Judge to Tears
that's right, the finale of "dancing with the stars." What a night it was. Wow. The couples performed three different dances each one more jaw-dropping than the next. We have an all-star panel of judges now to weigh in. First, take a look at the action. ♪ Shake shake ♪ Reporter: Dance's biggest night of the season came down to the final four. ♪ three intense routines all to narrow things down to one winner. The most important dance of all, the supersized freestyle. ♪ ravens wide receiver jacoby jones chose a tap-dance inspired number. ♪ you've got the freestyle party started. I'm telling you. Full on, flat out attack. Well done. Great energy. ♪ Reporter: Then it was neon lights and electronic dance beats for aly raisman showcasing incredible athleticism and earning her and partner mark ballas a perfect score of 30. Meantime, country sweetheart kellie pickler wowed the audience and the judges with a contemporary routine that even brought carrie ann inaba to tears. You bared your soul on the dance floor and it's one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. ♪ Reporter: But it was front-runner zendaya who knocks it out of the park with a contemporary hip hob number EARNING THREE 10s FROM THE Judges and placing her at the top of the leaderboard for the night. All right. So here now with their take on last night, season five "dancing with the stars" champ indy race car champ helio castroneves, along with two "dancing" pros, chelsie hightower, who by the way flew all night long directly from the ballroom. I did. Can't wait to hear your perspective and our own "gma" blogger for all things "dancing WITH THE STARS", LOUIS van Amstel. So I want to start with you, helio. Okay. What can we say about those freestyles? Oh, my gosh. You know, my favorite actually is zendaya. She did a great job but kellie is a pro. For me when I was watching I was very impressed that she took a risk on a very slow dance, contemporary and I thought was actually pretty darned good. I mean, it was a great risk and I do believe it might pay off. Does the freestyle make the winner? Is this the most important performance that we've seen? It shouldn't, but it mostly does, because you have nine weeks where everybody works their tushes and a freestyle can make you a winner. Kind of unfair. But last night was very special. Chelsie, you were there. Kellie pickler really focused on the dancing. Aly, big production valley. Yeah. What was your impression of both and was one smarter than the other. To me last night kellie took the freestyle and I love the approach they went for, the dancing and they came out and they delivered an amazing, incredible dance so that was so electric to see and especially to see someone do something very different. Derek was smart with the choreography and smart with that. Aly and mark's production was amazing. I loved -- yeah, fantastic and I loved how mark really played up on aly's strengths in that dance and she came out her best I think last night with that freestyle. I want to ask you, louis, about jacoby, freestyle. Carrie ann said it outshined him. What does that mean. Sometimes we all approach one judge differently, but I think jacoby of all nights, he didn't have his best night, so to me it was clearly unfortunately for him a toss-up between the women. Too many bells and whistles. No, he was very tentative and he missed a cue of a step but, again, six, seven, as heavy as he is, that guy to move as light as he does so nothing but compliments for him for him all season. To be honest, he was great. Doing those moves he did right now I couldn't do it. Chelsie tried to do it last season and couldn't. So I tell you what, he did an incredible job. Yes, he did. Val got burnt during rehearsals but you would have never known it last night. Impressive. Honestly -- these guys are incredible. Let me tell you, every time when I was dancing there, they -- not even blink. If there is an issue they go for it and the show must go on. Are you glad, helio, this is -- say that again. Are you glad this isn't your season? I'm very happy. Thank god they are not competing against me. In eight seconds hold up your card, who is winning it? From our panel? Kellie. Zendaya. Kellie. We'll see.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Jacoby Jones, Aly Raisman, Zendaya and Kellie Pickler battle for fan votes during the \"DWTS\" finale.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19224055","title":"Pickler Freestyle Brings 'DWTS' Judge to Tears","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-season-16-finale-kellie-pickler-freestyle-19224055"}