'Dancing With The Stars' Season 17 Celebrity Cast Revealed

Star-studded celebrity cast will dance their way to the coveted mirror-ball trophy
6:07 | 09/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 17 Celebrity Cast Revealed
Big new season. "Dancing with the stars." The wait is finally over. Our host tom bergeron, brooke burke-charvet. We have a lot of excitement. And it's that time. It's time. Here we go. It's time to reveal the cast of season 17. Are you ready for this? Let's do it. First person, mtv execs knew they had sure thing when they cast this pint-sized reality series. They give her her own spin-off, let's bring on the star of 'jersey shore," and "snooki and jwoww," snooki. All right. Welcome, snooki. Number two, he was a wide receiver the nfl for 11 years, scoring a total of 64 touchdowns and wracking more than 10,500 yards. Let's hear it, everyone, for keyshawn johnson. very excited about this person joining us. She has truly defied the odds earlier this year, after being diagnosed with a terminal disease. She was told she had just a few months to live. It is now september. We don't need to do the math to know what a fighter valerie harper is. It's a privilege and an honor to welcome valerie harper to our season 17 cast. we're so happy to have you here, valerie. Welcome. All right. This next star spends his days dancing around some pretty little liars on the hit abc family drama. Put your hands together for brant doherty. Very cute, too. Showing a favorite this early in the competition. Wonder who he's work dancing with. This star wears many hats for someone so young. Will she add "dancing with the stars" champ to the list? Come on out, christina millian. all right, everyone. This man taught us everything we wanted to know about science but never knew to ask. Give it up, everyone, for bill nye the science guy. good morning. Good morning. The man can wear a bow tie. She was saved by the bell before shot as noemi malone in "showgirls." Put your hands together for elizabeth berkeley. Welcome, elizabeth. All right, color us happy. My kids are going to be so excited to hear this next name. This "high school musical" alum, here is corbin blue. Come on out. It is with great glee and a certain amount of punning that i introduce this next star. Ladies and gentlemen, amber riley. hi. Hey. Love her. All right. Our next star has parlayed his brand of country comedy into a multiplatinum recording career, complete with a grammy nomination. Please welcome comedian bill engvall. how are you? Vote for me. Yeah. Yeah. This next star, no stranger to reality tv. In fact, you can say it runs in his family. Please welcome jack osbourne. all right. Now, hang on. Let's do a headcount because there's only 11 stars here. And I know we've got one more. We do have one more. And our 12th star is joining us from abc's los angeles bureau because she overslept. She got her tv start at the head of the class before moving on to star in "the king of queens." Let's have a royal welcome for leah remini.

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{"id":20151912,"title":"'Dancing With The Stars' Season 17 Celebrity Cast Revealed","duration":"6:07","description":"Star-studded celebrity cast will dance their way to the coveted mirror-ball trophy","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-season-17-cast-revealed-valerie-harper-20151912","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}