'DWTS' Finale: Donald Driver on 3 Finalists' Performances

Season 14 mirrorball champion discusses the supersize freestyle on first night of show's finale.
3:47 | 11/27/12

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Finale: Donald Driver on 3 Finalists' Performances
new york. It is time, everybody. "Dancing with the stars." It was hot last night. The ballroom really heating up. The finals kicking off last night. And the three finalists, putting their dance shoes on for the first-ever supersized freestyle. Here with his reactions, last season's mirrorball champ, green bay packer, donald driver. Hey, donald. So happy to have you with us. We want to get right to it. Who do you think stole the show last night? I have to say, I think shawn johnson stole the show. I think shawn stole the show. Especially when she brought it after the fab five was amazing. That was something we've never seen before. I've never seen that before. You know, sometimes you have to bring out all the tricks, especially when you're in this competition. They brought it all out. Same thing I did when I won season 14. And shawn did the same thing. What about that move when shawn climbed up on derek's shoulders. And they started to lean forward? What do you think about that? I was a little nervous. I thought she was going to fall. She's a great gymnast. She did a great job by rolling around. That's a trick that took the cake. You mentioned melissa. She is the only finalist who doesn't have a mirrorball trophy. And she got a perfect score last night, a 30. Doesn't she deserve it? I think she deserved it. I was pulling for her because she seemed like she got better and better each week. She proved that she's the best. You know? When it comes to fan vote, shawn johnson has more fans than melissa does. And kelly and val. We have to mention them. They're good, too. It's a good season. It's a great season. I don't think it's better than season 14. But I got to say, it's a good season. The best of the best. And the reason why I say that, I'm not -- the champion's not there. They should have had me there for season 15. It would have been great. You know what? We have to agree with you. I want to ask you. Would you have done what shawn did, fully knowing she probably would get lower scores but breaking the rules because knowing it's what the fans would want, when she broke hold? That's what you have to do. You have to win over the fans. That's going to solidify the win for you. She took a risk, especially in that quick step. I'm hoping it pays off for her. It sounds like you think they've got it, that shawn's going to win. I didn't hear you. Sorry. It sounds like you think they've got it, that shawn's going to win? I think shawn's going to win. I think shawn's going to win, especially because of the fan vote. If I had to put my money on it, I still want melissa to win. I want her to win her first mirrorball. Donald, admittedly, I was suffering through the eagles and panthers on espn. But, quickly, what are you doing? How are you keeping up? I know you're dancing right now and you're getting your wife in the mix? Yeah. Me and my wife is doing dancing with the all-stars here in green bay for the american red cross. To raise money for a great charity. We want to be a it. I'm the pro dancer. And my wife is the celebrity. I get to teach her how to dance. And still the champ. Still the champ. Everybody, don't miss it. A new champ will be crowned tonight on "dancing with the stars" all-stars. It starts at 9:00 tonight. Here on abc. Really big show. And then, of course, the biggest after-party tomorrow morning. All of the finalists, live with us in times square. It's time for our monthly

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{"id":17817598,"title":"'DWTS' Finale: Donald Driver on 3 Finalists' Performances","duration":"3:47","description":"Season 14 mirrorball champion discusses the supersize freestyle on first night of show's finale.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-star-season-15-finale-donald-driver-17817598","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}