'DWTS' All-Star Season: Viewers Choose 13th Star

Carson Kressley, Sabrina Bryan and Kyle Massey all hope to return to "Dancing."
6:18 | 07/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' All-Star Season: Viewers Choose 13th Star
stars" kick off september 24th with a new twist. Love this, actually, a highly coveted 13th spot and three of your favorite celebs are duking it out for the chance to return to the dance floor with other stars. They are carson kressley, kyle massey and sabrina bryan. Who will get that spot? It's up to you to decide. Take a look at their campaign videos. America, you need to vote for me as the final all-star. I'm the all-american kid. I have unfinished business on "dancing with the stars." Vote for me and I promise I'll make you proud. Who else can do this? I'm okay. Go to abcnews.Com and vote for me now, a lot. . Let's get them out here. Carson presley, sabrina bryan and kyle massey. Hello, welcome. I feel like I just saw you. Oh! . They left off the best part of my video, which is me and my little red hot pants. Go online and look at it. Don't let your children look at it. That's why we love ya. Yeah. Welcome back to all three of you. Carson, did you ever think you would have this chance? I never thought I would make it past the first week. Literally when I was picked for "dancing with the stars." I told my family, come the first week because I'll only be there one week. I had 19 people in the audience. They're like, you're safe, I was like really? We talked about it this morning on "good morning america," that it's amazing to have a second chance. The second time around you know more. You do know what to expect. You walk in knowing everyone says it's a lot of work. You have no idea the training and what it does to your body, the mental aspect, whether you're under the red light. That's the scariest thing ever. What kirstie alley is really like. She's wondering whether or not she's insane, she knows how hard the work is. Sabrina, had such a great run on the show. Perfect score. You were really fantastic. What do you now do differently if you get the chance? I think taking it a little more of a week by week kind of thing instead of looking at the mirrorball trophy, taking more of -- having the experience with the cast and also for me, I'm completely doing this for the fans this season. They're the ones that have really pushed towards abc, toward me personally. I'm dancing 100% for them. She's such a great dancer. She's doing the vegas show that I hosted for like three months. You can't tell she's not one of the pro, she's that good. That being said, vote for me. Okay? Kyle, you got close. We heard sabrina say it, but is there a sense of unfinished business? I mean, yeah. I came in second place on "dancing with the stars." So tech nickly, I was the first loser. You know. But, I mean, I really -- I went on that show and I did not know what to expect. Like when she's saying like when you go on, you don't know to expect. You sign on, you don't know what's going to happen. To get that and almost make it there. Yeah, I think I really -- i think I can take it all of the way this time. He's one of the contestants that proved himself every single week. I've known kyle since he was 9. He's like oh, baby I love you so much. I'm like yes, kyle, get it, get it. He killed it out there. So we really, really want to know. We heard the words. We need to see the moves. Who wants to seat moves. Yeah. There he is, the spontaneous dance-off happening right now. All right, josh, do it. Do it. Oh my god! Definitely not. But we will be judging you. Carson, what do you say we get started. Oh, my gosh. Bring it on. Can I take thing off? Do you what you need to do. You got 30 second. Tell me when my time starts. Now. Yeah! ♪ . That's a wrap-up. You guys ready? And in heels. Yeah. Yeah. . Your turn, buddy. Yeah! ♪ oh! Hold your applause. Hold your applause. I was nervous on that. We have a show tonight. Oh, my god. Did you pull anything? That was insane. I am hoping we are still on the air. Their fate is in your hands. Go to abcnews.Com, vote for your favorite all-star. Do not miss the premiere of "dancing with the stars." But get to voting. You guys, why don't you dance us

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{"id":16888482,"title":"'DWTS' All-Star Season: Viewers Choose 13th Star","duration":"6:18","description":"Carson Kressley, Sabrina Bryan and Kyle Massey all hope to return to \"Dancing.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-star-season-viewers-choose-13th-star-16888482","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}