'DWTS' All-Stars Recap: Sherri Shepherd Picks Top Dances

Former contestant discusses who she thinks may be in trouble after Week 2 of "DWTS."
3:00 | 10/09/12

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Transcript for 'DWTS' All-Stars Recap: Sherri Shepherd Picks Top Dances
Boy, the tabled turned last night on "dancing with the stars," when the stars got to take over creative control of their dances. And we saw some big risks on the dance floor. It was iconic dance week. That means the couples reinterpreted dances from other seasons, maybe using other stars. And the co-host of the tv show, by the way, that we all love, "the view," sherri shepherd is here this morning. Thank you. I'm so excited. Help us weigh in on what's going on. This is exciting. Watching the contestants have creative control. Did you do that? I didn't have creative control. I think that would be difficult. I'm glad I'm not on this season. I don't have creativity. I would be standing there. You saw a lot of brilliance come out. Don't you think? Yeah. But honestly, so, you just would go. And they would tell you what to do? And you wouldn't -- is that how it works? They choreograph it. That's what they do. They're world-champion performers. You see shawn johnson and derek hough, they were great. A lot of gymnastics. They fell on the end. Were they your favorite last night? Who wowed you? You know who wowed me. Val and kelly monaco. She really stepped it up. She was great. I'm pregnant right now watching them. And I was explaining to my son. He keeps looking at the sensuality. Mommy, are you and peta married? How do I explain sensuality to a 7-year-old? Sam could do it on twitter. Tweeting his way through. I watch it on twitter. Join it when we watch on twitter. Twitter party. You and your former partner, they're tied this morning? They're tied with tony dovolani and melissa rycroft. They did difficult stuff? The way melissa slid down tony dovolani's leg. And he bounces her up. And she just had a baby. I wish I could do that after i had my c-section. Look at that. It was the moves were great. They were very creative. And tony has something to prove. They didn't make it to the end. Tony was awesome. He's really good. But kelly monaco, she's on "general hospital," she has the soap opera fan base. Rally the fan bases. Speaking of fan bases, positive and negative. What do you make of bristol palin and the controversy swirling around her. Powdery substances being delivered to her? I wish people would stop it. You don't like the way somebody sambas and want to kill them? Bristol, keep going. The drama between her and mark. She went, I'm so bummed. I think she said what everybody was thinking because I think we thought, does mark really want shawn, his former partner? Or sabrina? I hope they can get it together. He missed a rehearsal, she said, which is crucial to having a That's why pamas knocked off, too. Having you on the inside is so great. You know, yeah. Send me as a spy. I would love it. I love it. I hope they get it together. I think I was impressed with bristol. She stepped it up. She's not as good as the other dancers. But she's working really hard. And that counts for something, right? It does count. I don't think she's going home. You heard it here first, everybody. So much more with sherri shepherd on "the view," later today. Are you putting me out? No. Tune in tonight. Tonight's the big night. 7:00 central, to watch "dancing with the stars." The double elimination, 8:00 p.M.7:00 central.

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{"id":17431402,"title":"'DWTS' All-Stars Recap: Sherri Shepherd Picks Top Dances","duration":"3:00","description":"Former contestant discusses who she thinks may be in trouble after Week 2 of \"DWTS.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-stars-recap-sherri-shepherd-picks-top-17431402","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}