'DWTS' Week 7 Results: David Arquette Booted

Arquette, partner Kym Johnson discuss experience on "Dancing With the Stars."
4:15 | 11/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Week 7 Results: David Arquette Booted
Joining us now David and -- live from Los Angeles congratulations. On making it as far. As you did David and last night you said you learn some things about yourself. Going through this what you're. -- quite a bit you know there's a lot in kids then and life in general about being graceful. You know being in touch with your senator standing -- having a self appreciation. And and I really just 200 entertain people have a good time for an -- dancer. I got an amazing opportunity. -- accomplished because you my friend. Highly entertaining. Weekend and week out what that woman by her side -- two time champion. -- Johnson. The best part about working with David -- It is not okay now -- senator. -- we just such an amazing experience when we cited how it's like breaking news and get along really well and David it's really threw -- into it. Found that a lot of -- and a handful of Allentown -- -- very serious about it David. Many took me seriously and down. It was just so great linking McCain and he's an amazing -- and inconsistent through yourself into you're really -- I think -- one of these as most impressive really willing to put yourself out there emotionally especially in that rumble where you really. Dancer difficult year when it was typical years of your life and -- for your daughter -- -- -- You have my daughter had such a great time coming that this. It was kind of -- -- -- leg parenting moment when I came home -- -- -- it's just I'm very confident that your doctor. And I just said listen sometimes in life things -- -- but you have to go through with dignity in and I'm just really. I'm happy where I am in my life right now on this was a great opportunity. And there was a lot of fun so I have no regrets it -- is so great for her everything we can see just go out there and give -- everything. Yeah do Google Oakland and I mean this is a spectacular show and there's a lot of fun about doing -- he's getting to know I'm doing the camaraderie learning how to -- -- -- It's been a blessing. Really in your impressions we heard that you do some. You start ordering fish in not getting kids. To. All right -- me and he. -- -- -- -- -- I'm the best until the -- -- John Travolta and there. -- -- -- -- -- -- landed the it shouldn't actually needed yeah that lesson that was the government doesn't actually change David's doing those kind of things. It is important natural -- sometimes I just you don't want to -- you. It's something. Blankets yeah. -- -- -- -- Unlike anything in and the -- I'm. All got -- -- that is -- -- before you -- we got -- put on your professional -- put on -- judges that is gonna win this thing. -- I think it's going to be tough battle but I think. Thank -- Reno will take the slowdown that's who I'm voting for mom had mirrored in -- a great job again. Around -- been around and they became guaranteed right to Lynn and rob was really denigrates. Who -- It's getting hit -- be and a -- that night saying that he had dad and everything. Marcus that is -- -- It -- is in jail for. Well it -- mean he's the greatest she was really -- -- and he's an American hero that's adds. But true we thought we thought that what word around too easily but he is a true American hero. They did not ask you can't talk. Think thank you both things are still very very nice --

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Arquette, partner Kym Johnson discuss experience on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14864507","title":"'DWTS' Week 7 Results: David Arquette Booted","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-week-results-david-arquette-kym-johnson-14864507"}