'DWTS' Week 5 Results: Carson Kressley Booted

Kressley, partner Anna Trebunskaya discuss performing on ABC's hit dance show.
5:20 | 10/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Week 5 Results: Carson Kressley Booted
Sometimes the hardest thing to do is having the courage to just say. -- manipulated and maybe you're not the greatest about it but you've done something that you never imagined that you can do because inspired -- other new things. This -- Dancing With The Stars next week governor -- It just never know but the most entertaining celebrity ever to hit the dance floor was sent home from the ballroom last night you know even -- said. -- -- -- -- Be voting for Carson Presley and He joins us now live -- -- partner. On the from LA and guys earlier when you were saying you come full circle because actually met on our show -- -- when the pairs were announced. And. We did the heavy you know they don't tell you who your partner is going to be when they when He signing up for the -- it's like. It's like online dating you have no idea what they really look like or who they really are up and down. I was kinda hoping for Macs at NASA it might not match -- -- not to. Now she is so much better than Maxi so much lighter yet. Based in Atlanta think -- right Cary. And I couldn't have gotten the better part. George said He got a thing for Russians. Carson but you know foot putt well. I got. The centers like Wright and a man. Seven and eleven thank you know what. I want to show people at home why we are going to miss you so much this was you who these last few weeks -- here you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now we gonna go back to that. -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Shop thank you very -- like -- around each other and Kerry gum. Don't want their shoes and that this is in mind that kind of both of them had been magnets. -- wonder if Nancy -- rehearsals are going this well. -- present your favorite moment. A baldness. Other therapy is still many great moments Robin I mean. Probably. I guess the right out of the gate the first -- only against -- moves like jagr. And I got to do my whole -- and how advanced fans and the current like the -- was on its feet announcement OK they like really really nice. Mean goodness yeah you. Yeah well as strong here here we go again -- you are wonderful to work with the added that currently does -- -- Meaning and you have to also teachers and dance steps of how did keep the balance of letting him shines but having -- -- as well. Well. According to the judges we just have to shine. The flag found in my book He hadn't yet. Google better than none -- really know but in my boat parts and was the greatest season begins yet he's practice so hard and worked so hard and kept me laughing all the time and I love this first day at City Hall -- so great. And it's ahead -- Mary. That person you know your parents and look at the community on -- left. She gets you in shape how hard -- this from him. Call -- this is actually you know everyone tells you that's a very challenging showing you're -- you know. Lose lots of waiting and in the best shape ever and it is because you're working out basically you're doing party go and I are like a month straight with a half hour break in between. -- and I'm not done my birth weight yet -- should I. And a dance. And it's just it's a great it's a great form of exercise like I would I would recommend to everybody watching you know. Take -- dance classes so fine you're sweating you're having a great time you don't even realize that you're working out that's right. That's -- do you think -- gonna take home the mirror ball trophy. Well -- we are here in the actual call him right now and there's no security NIC the mirror ball trophy right up there at that -- think -- and then -- screw it and take it home tonight. Well you know what you you can't do that but. Accuse somebody that bringing we have a Disco ball that we would like to give you right now. Carson. Yeah. Yes this is better than that -- -- Neiman Marcus are showing earlier. -- -- is so any hand to ask any parting words Carson on the any parting words you'd like to share with us. On this is just been such a fantastic experience and I've had the best partner in the entire world so much better than Mac. And there -- -- just you know -- my words of wisdom Mario try something new like -- how fun dance to the music and enjoy it. And you know as He waited united got you you -- -- the Euro will be your own drummer. Carson and that's what it is -- how about you all right well you know we did little -- every -- -- you -- stop by and even scarier. Pearls of wisdom with that all talk. All -- -- do that and I can do the weather on the dead ringer. Yeah. Yeah. -- was alienated the lap today. Product. They loved so much going to take care will be singing again and dance at the start to -- Monday eight sentences -- right here a decent.

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{"id":14768320,"title":"'DWTS' Week 5 Results: Carson Kressley Booted","duration":"5:20","description":"Kressley, partner Anna Trebunskaya discuss performing on ABC's hit dance show.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-with-stars-dwts-week-results-carson-kressley-booted-14768320","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}