Dangerous Weather Causes Damage on West Coast

ABC News' extreme weather team tracks the storms across the country.
3:00 | 03/01/14

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Transcript for Dangerous Weather Causes Damage on West Coast
will be held with that huge storm slamming California with more rain than the drought stricken state has seen yore years causing mudslides and David Wright has the story from Glendora, California. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. You'd think given the drought all this rain would be a welcome sight but not here in Glendora. Just one month ago here a wildfire stripped the foothills bare of vegetation, so here those torrential rains mean mud. Lots of it. A state that has been so parched suddenly seems overwhelmed with mother nature. Rare funnel clouds in the skies. Boulders hijacking highways. The sudden onslaught of rain brought hillsides into homes. And transformed streets here in Glendora into streams. Forcing many to evacuate. I don't see why I should have to evacuate. Take their word for it and get out of dodge. Reporter: Four-legged friends had to be cared for too. Evacuation had its challenges as did ordinary commuting. The rains caused traffic snarls and pileups across the state. Posted on Facebook, this car stuck in the mud after attempting to pass. 9 saturation effect is starting to take over. The rivers that started with water that turned to mud now are actually coming from out of the streets. We have some severe mudflows. Reporter: In the past 48 hours California got more rain than it's had in the past year. Normally the L.A. River resembles a glorified storm drain. Today it looks like the mighty Mississippi. Much of the bay area are struggling too with rain wiping through public transit computer systems. Creeks crashing into backyards. Some fled their homes in a hurry leaving prized possessions behind. I didn't know all this debris would be coming by. Reporter: It's set to continue through tonight and cleanup is many days ahead. The forecasters say the heavy rains will continue intermittently through the day but the good news, it just stopped raining in Hollywood and the worst of it should be over by tomorrow. Otherwise, on that red carpet the accessories of choice might well be an umbrella and a good set of galoshes, Dan. Galoshes on the red carpet. I like the way it sounds. Thank you. This thing is moving east and turn nothing a major snow and ice event. Look at this. Three people caught in an avalanche in Montana. It buried their house. Now the system is barreling towards some major American cities and ABC's Alex Perez is in Chicago with the latest. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. Relentless. It has already gone down as the third coldest and third snowiest meteorological winter here in Chicago. Across the midwest there are waterways jam-packed with ice and the shivering just doesn't deem seem to stop. Wreaking havoc across the midwest. It's terrible. Not fit for man or beast. Reporter: In missoula, Montana, a massive avalanche damaged several homes Friday. Prompting a townwide search and rescue that dug out three people from the wreckage. Just said there's an 8-year-old buried underneath some snow. There was an avalanche. Grab a shovel. All three found alive rushed to local hospitals. Those remaining behind now left to dig out their town. In Michigan, firefighters battled the elements. Guys are getting froze up and have to sit in the trucks to thaw out again. Reporter: This winter has been treacherous for driving. The icy conditions are making cars lose control and causing accidents on the highways. One in Minnesota yesterday taking the lives of three college students. For commuters and residents parking conditions are quickly becoming a nightmare giving us all a hard start to what should be the last month of winter. And here in the Chicago area we have gone two months this season with temperatures below freezing and there's more cold and more snow headed for the parts of the midwest if what should be the last month of winter is the operative word. Those dreaming of warmer weather on the first day of March, well, it looks like we'll have a long way to go. Let's see our spring countdown clock. It says 18 days, we can only hope. We need to cue some sort of pastoral music. Birds flying. Not to be here right now. Especially in New York. Not any butterflies in New York but we will see somebody we're happy to see. Shea Ryan from our Tampa affiliate, another floridian we dragged up to the cold. Our affiliate WFTS joining us. I'm so sorry but we love having you here. I wish I could have brought the warm air with me. There's more winter weather to come and it's all starting with this system we've been talking about in California. Take a look at this area of low pressure and it is again winding down yet it's still packing a punch this morning with tornado warnings in effect in los Angeles area. And as you can see it's going to continue to bring more rain today, some gusty winds, as well. We're still looking at anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of additional rainfall from San Francisco on south into San Diego and as we take a look at how this system once it winds down then it turns into our winter storm so, again, it picks up with this cold front, this is where it continues to move across Kansas City bringing heavy snow into New York, as well. We're talking widespread 4 to 8 inches of snow. More on that bitter cold that is going to continue to sink in with us this next system. Thank you very much for that.

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{"id":22729933,"title":"Dangerous Weather Causes Damage on West Coast","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' extreme weather team tracks the storms across the country.","url":"/GMA/video/dangerous-weather-damage-west-coast-22729933","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}