Danica Patrick shares her wellness revelations

The "Pretty Intense" author and NASCAR driver shares her workout routine and the eating plan that got her into top shape.
5:54 | 01/02/18

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Transcript for Danica Patrick shares her wellness revelations
Back here on "Gma," glad to have everybody here in times square. Do you know who this woman is right here? Danica Patrick. Danica Patrick. Great guest to start the new year. She is a top race car driver. Into retirement but it's this new book, getting pretty intense on the speedwaynd now in her new book "Pretty intense" sharing secrets to being unstoppable physically, mentally and emotionally. Danica, it is so good to see you. Thank you. Always good it see you. You're saying a 90-day plan but you think people will stick with it. You have to establish a program and something that has structure, but what I hope that people take away from it because the book not only has the workout program in it that's 12 weeks and 50 recipes I wrote and photographed which was new for me. But it also has the first part of the book is five chapters on the mind and so what I'm hope something that people really realize that this is a lifestyle and I want them to develop a good relationship with food and exercise to not be a reward or punishment but a way of life and something that makes you feel good and something that makes you a better you every single day. I mean right up here. You got to change the way to think in order to change the way you feel. You got your mom into this. I did. What's funny, mom, I'm your daughter. You had this possibility forever and so but my mom loves organization and so the fact that the program was set up, she did it and she never stopped. She's got abs. She weighs 110 pounds. Isn't that crazy. Go, mom. My mom is almost 60. She's going -- Go easy, tiger. Well, we're dropping 20, right. So 40 is the new 20 and 60 is the new 40. This will make us feel young. You'll show us some moves here. The first will get your heart rate up so it's called "Pretty intense" so the whole point most of the workouts all but one each week is meant to be 20, 25 minutes so jack up the cardio. Get moving, lift some weights if you can but anyway we'll start with toe taps then we'll do hop-overs so this is called a slam ball and start with your right foot on the ball and we're going to do 20 alternating side to side then after that we'll stand on the left side of the ball and do ten hop-overs so everybody ready. Here we go, 20. Nice. Pretty intense. Nice. All right then we stand on the side of the ball. Have these heels on. I know. Robin, here we go. Ten. Over. Whoa. Hang on, my hair. What if you don't have a ball at home like this? Put something -- So you can use anything. I mean these are, you know, fairly lightweight balls, six pounds but what I'm at home with R not in my face so I can't see what I'm doing I use a 20-pound ball so that's your fitness level so for your hob-overs and toe taps all about speed. That's your modification. I feel your heart is beating, isn't it? Yeah. What else will you show us. The next move is going to get a little more into strength. Push-ups on the slam ball. Get down in a plank position. If you can't do a push-up you'll do alternating side to side. If you can't do this, get into plank and drop your knees down and that's your modification. I'd like you to be in plank first otherwise they start on their knees and their butt is too high. Ten each side. Only ten each identify. Only ten each side. Nice. Again, and, again, you can pod phi it, can't you? You K you can get on your knees and that works too. Still hard. I'd rather see you do full range of motion than half range. Give us another one. Okay. First this is your typical slam ball move. Pick the ball up. Get it overhead, drop down on the ground. Just keep going. So we'll do ten of these. Whoo. Drop it down. And what is that? It works the whole body. This is going to get the squat. You'll get your legs into it. Your arms into it. He's like tossing the ball up like it's nothing. Your modification is just war weight so I use a 0-pound slam ball, sometimes 30 if I'm feeling good. 30? That gets your legs into it but again it's 20 minute, meant to be intense and meant to get you going. There's one workout a week -- Why did you want to do this? Well, you know, I just found a program that worked for me. A diet program that works for me. Cutting out dairy, gluten, grains, all kinds of stuff like that that kind of lugs you down so I just melt more energy, clearly the workout moves because I'm kind of out of breath. Okay. And, you know, there's just something about feeling good, right? When you eat well, when you get moving you just -- I feel like I'm better every day so it was a program I worked out since I was 15 years old and so this one has been the most effective so why not tell people. You're still going to get on the track, aren't you, at the daytona 500. Oh, yeah, yeah. It's fission. It's physical being a driver. You know, daytona in February, it's like very mental. But the race gets to be physical, just you're side-by-side, bumper-to-bumper for four or five hours and finish up at the indy 500 in may so that's -- Yes! Yes many. Dan characters always, just seeing how you've grown and matured, so incdibly giving. We've known reach other a long time. I feel like an Amazon.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"The \"Pretty Intense\" author and NASCAR driver shares her workout routine and the eating plan that got her into top shape.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52087375","title":"Danica Patrick shares her wellness revelations","url":"/GMA/video/danica-patrick-shares-wellness-revelations-52087375"}