Put a Simple, Easy Twist on Your Morning Egg Sandwich

Daniel Humm, master chef at NYC's NoMad restaurant, prepares recipes from his new cookbook.
3:36 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Put a Simple, Easy Twist on Your Morning Egg Sandwich
master chef of 11 madison. You know him as well. He's here to bring a few select dishes from his new cookbook "i love new york ingredients and recipes." Happy to have you back. As we prepare a delicious breakfast sandwich, I want to ask, this is a great book because it's actually about the traditions of thean gardens and really the ingredients we can get right here. You know, it's called "i love new york" and it's really focused on the farmers and products of new york, but it's really more about the spirit that the book is. It's about really paying attention when you buy the ideas and also luxury is not just, you know, the expensive things like caviar and wild salmon but can be carrots or asparagus. It's a really good egg. It's a really good piece of cheese. The this is beautiful. Egg in a hole. Basically a crook. What we have is country ham, gre gruyere cheese. Ham and cheese sandwich and something you can of do with your kids. It's kind of fun. We'll let that cook until -- for about two minutes. Want the egg still to be runny so it runs out. Sam, elizabeth, so, tell me again. They're not talking. They're doing something else -- it's so good. Perfect for breakfast. I know it can be a great lunch. We have it here with an asparagus salad and quinoa. And heirloom -- he grows about 50 different ones and when you taste them they're so sweet and earthy and just incredible. You're a master chef, we mentioned. What did you learn putting this book together? I learned that, you know, we as chefs, we train all about the technique, I guess that's one part but it's just as much about the ingredients than about the technique and the really -- it starts with the farmer. It's the full circle and really have to pay attention to the full circle and can't start when it's in the kitchen. The quinoa and the carrots. They've ruined or you ruined car yachts for me. That's not the carrot you get in the grocery store and just sweet and -- oh, that -- it doesn't sound like air and -- yes. You got to try this here. So amazing. Yeah, that -- you see the egg there. Oh, daniel. So is this polite to do on tv? Lined up around your restaurant in new york city. We get in because I want some of this? You can definitely -- you're in the special club. He is our dear friend, daniel humm. 11 madison and the cookbook "the love new york:Ingredients and recipes."

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{"id":18913766,"title":"Put a Simple, Easy Twist on Your Morning Egg Sandwich","duration":"3:36","description":"Daniel Humm, master chef at NYC's NoMad restaurant, prepares recipes from his new cookbook.","url":"/GMA/video/daniel-humm-recipes-nomad-chef-puts-nyc-twist-18913766","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}