Daniel Radcliffe: From Harry to Horror

The Harry Potter star talks about his new movie, "The Woman in Black."
6:03 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for Daniel Radcliffe: From Harry to Horror
-- watched Harry Potter and the actor who plays and Daniel Radcliffe grow up Harry's story may be over but the actor's career is just beginning you have never. Seen Daniel Radcliffe as he is in this new movie it's called the woman in black a jump out of your seat horror movie. Daniel so good to finally have you here with thanks very risky bet that it was a -- Iowa I saw the screener this weekend and of course I was watching it -- my fingers yet. A great deal and I have to say. Wipe out the bad news we forget about you playing Harry Potter the role is so different -- over -- want -- -- subsidy you. -- -- -- I had a fantastic time almost films and I never -- you know doing those people to tell my back on the things that you know -- who -- I am today. -- I love that they yelled this is very exciting for me to be done -- -- -- stuff and that's a thought that does seem to be the general kind of reaction is that you know people up on it. Thinking Harry too much when they -- -- -- which is a good time. Senator I say they are very respectful of what got you here power and I love that I would be -- -- -- -- and -- on Broadway for a year without -- United States. It's it's opened up summing up Judy Smith -- -- -- immensely talented any opinion we know that from what you've done it also in this film too because -- father and. What are they could be any different from what we've seen not and it is very different and. I'm one of them one of the biggest and he thinks people will probably not -- his and I feel much older -- this film. You know it's haven't seen in a schoolboy outfit for ten years it might be a little bit but some people suddenly -- -- -- -- -- seven. But -- made its grand actually got my mind real life -- some place myself in that -- He had which made it very graceful melodies -- -- -- how about real natural chemistry with a with a young -- I didn't realize that don't respect them about it wasn't looking good to have a look at pier because -- that's a set it up your character. You lost your wife. Yes child given birth to your site your job yes marvelous my -- I've become completely detached from from the world. Really kind of done that unable to be a participant -- -- life. One of the -- everyone in this film has been affected by a loss in some way not one of the one of the the women. -- meat is -- just started having psychic visions as one of as part of time dealing with grief. I'm so I think that's so perfect setup here it is -- -- -- That's -- in the fire. -- -- -- So don't want to know listening to the end -- not staying away from homes. She's been -- On the cool -- motion the kinds of hands. Listen briefly from who has the. -- can plunge. Music and everything and it -- it would actually having a psychic vision that I kind of at Bilbao but that much of that comes. Does -- a bit later but. Everyone there it seems that there with this -- little town that has -- filled with a lot of mystery it is and it's his film would -- you know the resort -- hope hovering over the whole town needs kind of got this -- has a lot of those sort of classic -- -- one of which is that you know. When -- coming to a new town as the stranger coming from outside that Saddam's old oaks Calif. He knows that nobody wants him to be that he can't quite work out why and that becomes part of the mysteries eleven he. Figures out that people seem to be. -- that children -- to protect them from him so he can't figure out why -- -- they're -- that what the connection is why they think he's dangerous it's it's really and yet it's it's isn't. Interest in finding are you a fan of the -- or will be scary I am I -- I'm not a fan of of gore and then over time to move bloody tough stuff and I've read get into that kind of have it was these -- -- cold. But that -- -- -- -- -- -- great films like the shining and you know proper proper. Do you go about can only imagine -- You must get offers all the time how do you go about deciding -- rectory well you know I mean it's -- it's about what I'm interested in in the so tomorrow I would like -- seized and sold them I'd like to making this -- And and you know this is an interesting film is not summing I would've expected -- -- do strike oil exports it would be a horror movie. But the fact that it was. It kind of felt unusual for the genre it felt like a horror film which would really frighten people but it's also got a -- -- heart attack just feel real and and and not force -- Yet it was it was very easy choice when this when this came through it was it was confined like the better it's it's just great -- We can't you are a giants fan you're pulling for the job yeah. I have a candidate and finds out why because I went into the -- -- that was him I went to the protests fifth. I was Kristen Johnston welcomed them Joyce. How could I got I've done that and and and and in the wanted to cut one of the guys descent. This is -- easy -- you just have in the buildings and it happened yeah. How how well I guess -- doesn't going to be giants fans and I was kind of that was yet that's on -- -- -- this year I was a going to the -- easy thing in a big way and I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A wonderful look now if you're in Boston he would be saying your patriots fan your true -- dies -- I would say thumbs while law tightened things -- on cash -- -- but. Think you know what -- all the Bassett and I'll that you can thank -- in the basement and by the -- your kids see the wonderful. -- -- on a black opens Friday.

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{"id":15470963,"title":"Daniel Radcliffe: From Harry to Horror","duration":"6:03","description":"The Harry Potter star talks about his new movie, \"The Woman in Black.\"","url":"/GMA/video/daniel-radcliffe-woman-black-harry-potter-horror-15470963","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}