Danielle Steel Releases Latest Novel

"Betrayal" is new story from an author who has sold over 600 million books.
7:37 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for Danielle Steel Releases Latest Novel
It is always wonderful when the brilliant Daniel Steele is here she is the best. Selling off her alive over 600 million copies of her books have sold here in the US alone. Her riveting new novel is called the trail that is out the day it's -- the dark side of fame and fortune in Hollywood and she's always busy always have exciting new things. Happening and yet you still make time. For us Daniel thank you sent out to be here I'll always have to see and I picked it up benefits that I'm going on vacation next. So I stopped it because I wanted to be able to enjoy a little more from the backdrop. A female director very powerful Hollywood. She's on the set a major motion picture give us a little bit more without giving away too much about the trail. She has a partner. In that occurred pardons -- -- -- and they make movies together she has an assistant. When she -- -- who was implicitly was her best friend and she has a very -- where -- accountant and she discovers -- investment from her school. Don't they -- anyone that you let us know I'm tally that is her name doesn't -- character and people have said. This as some of what she is is that. Going after what you Mars has become a -- similar character a little bit a little does she is -- Fortunately my wardrobe has some little better than their -- like a bag. But she's very modest -- she doesn't like -- glitter that comes with fame. And I meant that that way you are much the same you're so Philanthropic he had been -- wonderful children and your artwork and wouldn't talk about the music that you have to. But I know that you have suffered the -- like that like many of us have. -- -- -- -- -- I think it depends on the Paris and different people get ten different ways and any kind of the trails. You know a lover who betrays -- -- husband. A business partner. Anyway and it's it's a -- shot you have an especially if -- embezzled. You have to get over feeling stupid too because every Betty let's say you like couples should be so -- you didn't know -- -- And that I think you have passed since sometimes percent of people with religion -- -- people since time when the support of your friends and family. You have to get past that you trust people again I didn't want to get to a place. Where I was suspicious of every woman and parent night after that and -- and because it happened to me and me slightly different way. But I think it's very important Politico. And tonight -- about -- Because you're the one damaging yourself if you don't think. Believe that I have been very negative cash burn and we all have -- up well -- a mom always have all have something going down that has even someone breaks into your car you feel invaded okay there. Let's talk about this new venture of yours since you -- launching into. Writing music. That as a -- this thing for me and it's that it's very humbling and very exciting. And very fun to learn something new and -- composer and France have approached me last summer and said would you write lyrics for some of bioscience. I don't rightly it's I'm white and I find -- wine it's often best sense that. Himself. I took a shot at him and now we've -- about Kennedy's sons and where is talking to different labels about an album in the right singer and I was still working and sons and it's so cool for me. Also because writing this so solitary and I'm all alone in my -- cannon -- And there are working with -- composers seven musicians to same -- and it's really fun. And you know what's really fun to -- -- in new -- like -- -- consultant now little beyond today you've got little mini now and no wrong. And so he would -- a hearing at the hotel room right now as we speak pleas for help -- hotel. -- -- -- that's. Never enough time you know thinking very good I love seeing you really -- -- And betrayal it is now that day we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"\"Betrayal\" is new story from an author who has sold over 600 million books.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"16002432","title":"Danielle Steel Releases Latest Novel","url":"/GMA/video/danielle-steel-releases-latest-betrayal-16002432"}