Danielle Steel's 'Pure Joy' Tells Tales of Man's Best Friend

The queen of romance switches focus in her new book about her love of dogs.
2:02 | 11/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Danielle Steel's 'Pure Joy' Tells Tales of Man's Best Friend
She has written dozens of books. Steamy tearjerkers and millions of copies. But the latest is about a different kind of romance. "Pure joy: The dogs we love." She sat down with bianna golodryga to talk about it. Reporter: One of the best-selling authors of all-time, danielle steel, also known as the queen of romance, has written over 125 books, with 600 million copies sold worldwide. She is also a mother to nine children. And has six dogs. That is the topic of her latest book. It's a book at our family dog stories. I have nine children. And each one has a dog. And we had two dogs. So, we had 11 dogs. And I decided to tell some of the family dog stories. And was inspired by my latest two-pound love. Reporter: And I look this practice that you and your husband had. Each of your children had their own dog. That was their gift and their responsibility. He was very dog-loving. He thought each child should have a dog. I was horrified. At the ages they were, I ended up doing most of the work. And it did teach them to be responsible. All of them are big dog lovers, except for one of them who hates dogs. Reporter: One of them hates dogs? She never wants a dog anywhere near her. Reporter: Aside from "pure joy," you have another novel out, as well. It's about a young, olympic skier, who has a terrible accident, which alters her life. She can't walk anymore. And can't ski anymore. And it's what she and her father do to br her back. It's about winners. I hope it will be an inspiring book. Reporter: What's next for you? The two books out. Going to get another dog. More dogs, more kids, more books. Reporter: More happiness. And both of danielle steel's new books "pure joy" and You, uh, here for the interview?

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{"id":20861289,"title":"Danielle Steel's 'Pure Joy' Tells Tales of Man's Best Friend","duration":"2:02","description":"The queen of romance switches focus in her new book about her love of dogs.","url":"/GMA/video/danielle-steels-pure-joy-tells-tales-mans-best-20861289","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}