'Zero Dark Thirty' Film Draws Senators' Ire

Backlash continues surrounding what information the CIA provided filmmakers for film.
2:42 | 01/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Zero Dark Thirty' Film Draws Senators' Ire
Now, to the growing backlash over the movie "zero dark thirty." The movie chronicles the hunt for osama bin laden. Three senators, including the chair of the senate intelligence committee are now putting pressure on the cia to reveal just how much information it gave to filmmakers. And whether or not the agency deliberately tried to mislead them into thinking torture led to the finding of osama bin laden. Abc's martha raddatz joins us, now, with the very latest on this story. Martha? Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. This morning, the cia is looking at new investigations into information shared with the filmmakers. All of this may be good for box office sales. But right now, it has a few very powerful people on the hill outraged. The makers of "zero dark thirty" certainly want oscar buzz. But now, the powerful film is getting more unwanted attention from lawmakers. When was the last time you saw bin laden? Reporter: The similar suggests that so-called enhanced interrogation techniques on cia detainees were successful in leading them to bin laden's hideout. john McCain told cnn, the film's portrayal is misleading. You believe when you watch this movie that waterboarding and torture leads to information that leads them to elimination of osama bin laden. That's not the case. Reporter: Before this latest controversy, I asked the film's director about the scenes depicting waterboarding. I felt it was important to be accurate and b authentic. You know, granted, you know, it's not an easy subject. But it's also pretty irrefutable that that was part of this ten-year-long hunt. Reporter: Documents already released through freedom of information requests, show cooperation with the filmmakers by the cia and pentagon. Now, investigators are looking at records of those interactions to determine whether the filmmakers had any inappropriate access to sensitive information. I never asked for classified material. To my knowledge, I never received any. Reporter: In a december statement to cia personnel, acting director michael morell, called the film a dramatization. Saying the enhanced interrogation techniques were the key to finding bin laden. That impression was false. But he said some of the information leading to the capture came from those interrogation techniques. The filmmakers stress this is not a documentary. It's a movie. It's based on actual events. But some of them are dramatized. We're going to turn to an

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{"id":18130229,"title":"'Zero Dark Thirty' Film Draws Senators' Ire","duration":"2:42","description":"Backlash continues surrounding what information the CIA provided filmmakers for film.","url":"/GMA/video/dark-thirty-film-draws-senators-ire-cia-leon-18130229","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}