Dashboard Camera Catches Heroic Rescue From Fiery Car Accident

Truck driver risked his life to save a woman and her grandchild after a car collided with a tanker truck.
2:45 | 08/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dashboard Camera Catches Heroic Rescue From Fiery Car Accident
And now we turn to that incredible rescue caught on dash cam video of a car colliding with a tanker then bursting into flames and the heroic truck driver who riffed his life to save a woman and a young child trapped inside and ABC's Mara schiavocampo is here with the story. This is incredible video. Amazing. You called him a hero. That's exactly what he is. That trucker running towards a massive fireball as other drivers steered around it all to help complete strangers. Now he's speaking out for the first time. Driving disaster captured on a dash cam. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on, hang on. Reporter: Watch as a fireball erupts on the I-10 freeway in gulfport, Mississippi. Look again as a Lincoln town car faying to yield while merging in 70-mile-per-hour traffic collides with an 18-wheeler crashing right into the gas tank. Trapped inside the raging fire, a 51-year-old woman and a 1-year-old baby reportedly her grandchild. Witnesses feared the worst. Holy cow. That guy's dead. Dude. Reporter: This morning truck driver David Frederickson is being hailed as a hero for immediately springing into action. What are you going to do? I got a fire extinguisher. Do you know how to answer it? Reporter: The answer yes walking with steadfast determination toward the billowing smoke Frederickson then aims the extinguisher at the sedan's trunk calming the flames. As we were doing that we noticed that there was a lady in the front seat kicking the door trying to get out and when we opened the door, I noticed a 1-year-old little girl in the backseat and she was pretty happy when I grabbed her out of there. Reporter: Frederickson carries the child to safety first. Then others join the rescue. Watch the man in the white shirt taking the woman away. A group of good samaritans including Frederickson's trucking partner. We got them both away from the car and it just went up in flames. Reporter: The fire so devastating it left nothing but charred metal behind. I don't know how we all made it through that. Reporter: Police say the woman and toddler suffered only minor injuries. But it was Frederickson's quick thinking that saved the day coming to their aid a full two minutes before first responders arrived, time that saved lives. When you see something like this, have you no other choice. Reporter: Thanks to a moment of courage. Now, as for that accident, police say the woman driving the town car was at fault and the traffic report says she was driving without a license. She was ticketed at the scene but when you see that fireball, it's a miracle they weren't hurt. It's a miracle they were able to get out of there and he's calm under pressure. Calm and so fearless. That was really something. Credited with probably saving their lives. Of course. Thanks, Mara. Ginger right here.

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{"id":25033415,"title":"Dashboard Camera Catches Heroic Rescue From Fiery Car Accident","duration":"2:45","description":"Truck driver risked his life to save a woman and her grandchild after a car collided with a tanker truck.","url":"/GMA/video/dashboard-camera-catches-heroic-rescue-fiery-car-accident-25033415","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}