Forever Not App Lets You Bet on Celeb, Friend's Relationships

Neelam Brar and Drew Moffitt demo the app that lets you bet on the success of relationships. and Drew Moffitt demo the app that lets you bet on the success of relationships.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Transcript for Forever Not App Lets You Bet on Celeb, Friend's Relationships
Look at the new -- And they're just getting -- announces the -- was telling us about it yet -- think it's called forever yes tell us what it is because I think you could. Obviously to spread it much better. Reverend died as a relationship batting apple where you as a friend can bet on the relationship status -- your friends and favorite celebrities. You log interface that end here immediately displayed at the couple's. In your social circle that -- in relationships. And about whether the odds of another thing again. -- Look at JCN. -- have right now and crowds are down there they got a degree on. Shaky really exact. So this fluctuates as more people yet know -- got to that it's real time but they don't need to celebrities and -- -- came up with that you can do this year to your friends Kelly and providing anonymous feedback to the couple letter -- and how does that mean these convene again engineering gauge what do you think of us I think it would be so frightening to. Well and -- eight years and years and years ago I was engaged once and Nolan said he thinks immediate isn't lightning in some ways because I've really hadn't heard that until after. We were no longer and went after then you another newbie like ten correct. Some -- -- maybe this is that back. The social ties hairy thing that it can spell out of them are comfortable -- -- don't know I don't friends being with jerks think your mom can't speak up a lot that's the problem. -- the anonymous exactly what it's very tricky thing because I I find it precarious if you believe that a couple is not right for each other and speak up. And then they stayed gather you're out exactly which is -- an anonymous platform are you can't let them know without them knowing who sat -- but they know that it's their friends people that know you know pay the entire are giving back it's that you what you do with that information at least when you're walking and the highly you know what everybody sitting there -- -- -- It isn't doing well I know. -- thing -- if it is we don't know. Yeah -- to know anything about their -- and -- -- let me couples -- of them are volatile -- you read a little bit of profit news and you can immediately placed at bats the app displays all the recent headlines on the couple's relationship. But Israeli funds leaking a daily dose of celebrity gossip through the app and its sister how did you guys come off an Iowa means you wanted to design us. So basically I had an ex girlfriend and then she got married very quickly after that tonight and -- felt the need to everybody -- enter you. -- I this is like it's it's interesting because as a young guy in my early twenties. It's very quick to get married at this time especially lot of people are getting divorced and what you said no one has. That guts to say hey I objected to letting these ties tricky yeah -- -- very tricky. And timeline in movies they do they stand up and say that he can give it didn't realize you've done right kind of loser Brad -- on the and since then how are they doing. Following you know I don't really punitive of them I. Haven't gotten fat on them. And we -- yeah. I'm an intimate part of my guess is great that something good came out of what seemingly -- constituents. I'm -- -- you have this -- -- -- -- people find and download and Megan downloaded the App Store area analog interface -- on FaceBook dot com. Yeah which is apps dot FaceBook -- -- lasts forever not. Forever not Christine when you're on your thoughts and we're I don't think since about a young -- hourly thing now you won't you won't need to -- god that his age -- -- -- and got on your favorite celebrity too easy so perhaps people and relationships in fifth grade and you -- I hope. A boy. -- yeah yeah. I think it's really cool is that our users actually going to lives and stop Valentine's since we launched a nonsense that has not been without being funded -- -- users actually correctly called the Robin -- Paul -- and break up as well as the Katy Perry Jon -- Experience on there yeah I love me some time there he added have any really when they come in. I'm -- -- the candidate they weren't musical Annie yeah. Good -- -- time. Green and red it is to do the other way from the the so we can tell people to be together and yet understand that tanker -- -- Where detective says -- anyway. You have to show the love detectives seized the moment I can't be basically generating -- -- all these bats forehead against kind of like the sentiment score of what the crowd thinks about your relationship -- it's it's equivalent to like a stock price of -- relationship. Finally I am so when you when you read about an app for that to. Rather it's great -- I think you so much for coming on sharing anchorman and let us.

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{"id":23050064,"title":"Forever Not App Lets You Bet on Celeb, Friend's Relationships","duration":"3:00","description":"Neelam Brar and Drew Moffitt demo the app that lets you bet on the success of relationships. and Drew Moffitt demo the app that lets you bet on the success of relationships.","url":"/GMA/video/dating-apps-forever-app-lets-bet-celeb-friends-23050064","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}