Dating Doppelgangers: Men With a Specific Type

Some celebrities tend to date different women with the same look.
3:56 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Dating Doppelgangers: Men With a Specific Type
Return now to our romance question in the morning when it comes to dating gay men have a tight. Josh don't say anything. Factories searches got a lot of evidence that the answer is yes -- they scare in the gossip columns and Cameron mathison has the story. Yeah he's all star A-Rod was recently photographed with a beautiful walk -- no not Cameron idea has the Hollywood actress Rodriguez dated for months. That's good squeeze what many are calling Diaz -- dolphin game. -- -- is just the latest celebrity to be caught doing some dating they have moved dating people who bear a striking resemblance to Linux. -- who choose girlfriend look -- -- -- -- the other person like -- car so people who look for spousal look -- keep treating them in for younger. Models it happens more than you may think. When Reggie Bush broke up with Kim Kardashian -- he soon found comfort in the arms of this woman. Kim lookalike and when Chris Brown famously split from Rihanna he wound up for a time with this woman who might pass for Rihanna sister. And then there's the case of Lance Armstrong this tour -- half its laser focused on cycling and apparently dating women have a certain types. After divorcing his wife beautiful blonde -- he became engaged to beautiful blonde Sheryl Crow. -- -- beautiful blonde designer Tory Burch. And went on to father a child with this woman Anna Hansen no you're not seeing double try quadruple. According to therapist doctor Bethany Marshall dating duffel gainers -- something men are especially guilty you know. And while it may -- innocent enough it could point to signs of trouble -- -- somebody who has dated somebody who looks similar over and over again should I be concerned. You should be concerned because what you might be doing is replacing one woman with another and then with another. And -- you never have to Green separate. Re form a new relationship. And attached to the woman for who she really us. The trend it isn't new Hollywood actor John Derek famously had a thing for voluptuous -- he Mary commercial Andrus then took up with Linda Evans who would go want to dynasty fame before settling down with bombshell -- -- Johnny Carson -- two women back to back not only could've passed for twins they almost had identical name's -- And -- When we took the idea of getting a double getting -- through the streets we found celebs aren't the only ones you like to stick to a certain time I was. 5859510. Small nose blue eyes -- red heads right now it's called -- handsome self sufficient how would you feel if you -- relationship right after that you noticed that Google first acts. Could pass -- -- -- -- that I was lucky. You have I was the one that -- an occurrence of. Now if you're ever wondering if there's a happy ending to -- serial W angered haters out there I am living proof that the answer that question. Is yes that's right I have a confession to make -- -- Was known for -- asserted before I met my beautiful wife Vanessa. In fact the woman that I dated right before Vanessa bears a striking resemblance to her and even has the same. Earth Day but not only that the guy that Vanessa dated before we got together. Bears striking resemblance to me and we could be Brothers so we've had a had a -- getting -- -- going before we got together I know it's true but. Almost ten years of marriage later two beautiful kids there are happy endings out there at -- and it -- there are -- we hit ten this month as well and an Alley broke -- for me. How she did she did. C got -- thus the success are I didn't feel yeah you know way and I think he's got the money was done without real -- stories.

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{"id":15137047,"title":"Dating Doppelgangers: Men With a Specific Type","duration":"3:56","description":"Some celebrities tend to date different women with the same look.","url":"/GMA/video/dating-doppelgangers-celebrities-specific-type-15137047","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}