David Arquette Dishes on Cox

"Jake and the Never Land Pirates" star will appear with Cox on "Cougar Town."
4:54 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for David Arquette Dishes on Cox
And we're -- little jump on that because he -- -- his way into our hearts on Dancing With The Stars now David Arquette. Is ready for a new set of pictures on his animated Disney show Jake and the neverland pirates the cartoon -- come at a prime time next week and David is here to tell us. All about that and -- to -- to be with Courtney. Now on the finale of cougar town this sounds -- a lot of talking about them from this handsome and you look at I do island low bid -- -- particular couple listen to New York. Just try to stage shaped him. -- -- That you words just adorable. It was so much passion and all that when you're out there -- equally passionate about this -- -- of the about the show. -- -- the never -- pirates is figures show with -- boys between two and five from the Disney Channel. I -- parents particularly. -- -- -- -- -- -- But until they have to do avoidance and a pair of voice. But like the whole challenge is making him you youthful -- I have a youthful area boys who have been seems -- little rats the Tribune could that. The good voices I do the it's -- and that this. It's another part of the business. My father was an -- so often a lot of you know growing up -- you know. -- paid our bills by doing voice over. Well it's in the genes he had a very -- -- family Q&A beautiful little daughter Coco she must be excited she that -- part of it is the as she lives not to -- show. -- yeah. You do -- alone. So happy but something because I don't think scream. You -- go to but yeah. You can say the who she conceded she -- watching it though but do the voice and person to -- a little better with the cereal and you know parents and their -- children I'll always remember a case she's watching -- make you do the -- from how to play a little bit of -- And the -- Here it is. Don't -- old -- -- toll on new home. I've seen better Americana name and could not by mean. Jordan -- -- -- had vulnerability you can eat. Already eat you'll have trying to -- -- Treasure my friends blown blocks did not have -- meal you'll -- -- see your friends and you can't. So what is your motivation -- -- this tractors snow didn't -- Oh goodness they're big drag Griffin that it -- ago. -- and others a special that's on Monday night at 7 o'clock eastern where Peter Pan makes an appearance on the show for the first time so. It's -- us gators who have. Canada focus very excited because -- into the toy fair because there may get her character into a toy. And what does -- say they have petitioning you're gonna meet somebody there are only we have to use appearance in and get to dance again with Minnie Mouse. She's -- you gonna dance with me. What's -- -- I think. -- would you do didn't do it. That's golden door without a -- don't worry about it -- you know you might have to go over it because -- got a large heads the -- a sudden. You go with it but also this one massacre question Courteney Cox who did the way you all. David. Aren't together work together and here you are -- the season finale of a cougar town and here it's just an example of how what's the. I know cocoa has a lot to do with -- reason why you're so applicable. Definitely and a lot of therapy. You know it's really important not to throw away all those years of love and friendship and merited jail hadn't. Just to remain friends and be. Cordial and respectful toward each other. It's really special I mean we have a really special bond that -- with all my Harden. And there's no reason to throw that away you want to be a great. Example for our daughter that we -- you can get through this process with dignity and respect toward each other. And it's it's sad when people use money -- children are different things to kind of pull each other apart or forget you know get their anger that -- And Courtney has echoed those same sentiments and kudos to. You both say thank you thank you and we'll be watching on Monday along with cocco think that in. In -- to protect oh yes -- I -- this particular and you are good -- -- -- I know you recently celebrate -- one year of sobriety congratulations. -- graduate. Special prime time episode of Jacque in the neverland pirates. Peter Pan returns Monday February 13 at 7:6 central. On the Disney Channel.

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{"id":15555053,"title":"David Arquette Dishes on Cox","duration":"4:54","description":"\"Jake and the Never Land Pirates\" star will appear with Cox on \"Cougar Town.\"","url":"/GMA/video/david-arquette-dishes-courteney-cox-coco-15555053","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}