David Beckham May Join the Cast of 'The Secret Service'

Linsey Davis explains what has people buzzing on the "GMA" Pop News heat index.
3:17 | 08/04/13

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Transcript for David Beckham May Join the Cast of 'The Secret Service'
Time now for "pop news" linsey davis has the watch this morning. It's an honor. Right. You were going to say it. That's exactly what I wanted to say. Nothing gets your sunday morning started like "pop news." I know. I didn't want to say that out loud but now that you brought it up. Okay. Time to get "pop news" in. He's beckham, david beckham that is, we've seen him sprint down fields and model in his underwear but soon we may see the star like we've never seen him before on the big screen. Beckham is reportedly considering a role in the upcoming spy thriller "the secret service." It includes samuel l. Jackson and colin firth. Between those first two I might see the movie. Yeah. We'll see. It's a natural segue, right. The added bonus of that movie. And seth rogen and james franco may play best friends in "this is the end" but the tables are about to turn. Comedy central says rogan will be the official roastmaster at franco's network roast over the weekend. Though it may be franco's first time in the hot seat he is no stranger to comedic criticism and known to be able to laugh at himself. First worked together on "freaks and geeks." You can only imagine the material he's got on him. I love a good roast. I think this is so -- if they can take it. Yes. "That was a judd apatow show. That's how they all got together. Anyway, I'll be doing "pop news" next weekend. And look at this video. Really cute. Look who is on. Possibly the cutest creature ever, these are baby ligers born from a tiger mom not the normal tiger mom you're used to seeing. The tiger mom at a zoo in russia. Ligers are the largest species of cat in the world and, everybody, we all know about them from the movie "napoleon dynamite." What's a liger? Pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed. Skills in magic. Loves that. Whole thing about having skills in magic, by the way. These cats certainly magical. Yes. Nonetheless. Beautiful looking. Finally, dan, this one is discuss for you. We know you love a good cat video. But I have to warn you as part of the fun, guys, this one really sucks. Take a look. One of those special liver flavored vacuums. This cat is sure feline it. Got that. I think that is the purr-fect That's right. That's linsey davis. Dropping the mike. All right. Bad pun for you. We'll be right back with more

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{"id":19865288,"title":"David Beckham May Join the Cast of 'The Secret Service'","duration":"3:17","description":"Linsey Davis explains what has people buzzing on the \"GMA\" Pop News heat index.","url":"/GMA/video/david-beckham-join-cast-secret-service-19865288","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}