David Blaine Stumps the Stars in New Special

The illusionist tricks the likes of Bryan Cranston and Katy Perry in "David Blaine: Real or Magic."
2:57 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for David Blaine Stumps the Stars in New Special
David blaine, one of the world's foremost illusionists and endurance artists, known for death-defying feats, such as encasing himself in a six-foot block of ice. Standing for days in a metal globe, surrounded by electricity. And check out his groundbreaking special, "david blaine, real or magic." Take a look. David blaine has dangled high above cities. Submerged in spheres of water, before crowds in disbelieve. He starved himself in a box. And froze in a block of ice here in our times square studios. You're shivering already. Yeah. Reporter: The master illusionist has mystified millions by death-defying stunts we haven't seen since the days of houdini. The 40-year-old whose endurance and determination knows no bounds. Seemingly done it all. Oh. This morning, david blaine's latest trick, to blow minds of the hollywood elite. That's real. Reporter: Watch as blaine demonstrates the p.K. Touch, with will and jada pinkett smith. And with olivia wilde and jason sudeikis. Bryan cranston. Katy perry and kanye west. "David blaine: Real or magic" airing here on abc. Blaine proving, he hasn't lost his magic touch. Every time. Every time. David blaine, with us. David, you're getting back to roots here. Your real roots. How was it? I'm stubborn. For years, I've been doing stunts. And everybody says to me, do what you do best, in magic. But I like doing the stunts so much. But I finally agreed to do a magic show because for the last couple years, I do magic every, single day, everywhere that i go. And now, with these little iphones, you can film everything. I would the be doing magic for the president, for president bush, or stephen hawking. And I'd capture it. Wow, this is what the show needs to be. And I would do a crosssection. The idea is I go to people i randomly stop on the street. And I go to one of the gret minds in the world. And I try to show a similarity between people based on reaction, which is where I see it. It looks great. Seriously. Best of luck with it. Cannot wait to see it. Excited. Back to the roots. "David blaine real or magic" TUESDAY NOVEMBER 19th, RIGHT Here on abc. Cannot wait for that. Love that. Thanks for coming in.

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{"id":20861332,"title":"David Blaine Stumps the Stars in New Special","duration":"2:57","description":"The illusionist tricks the likes of Bryan Cranston and Katy Perry in \"David Blaine: Real or Magic.\"","url":"/GMA/video/david-blaine-stumps-stars-special-20861332","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}