Kennedy Center Honors David Letterman, Led Zeppelin

Stars joined President Obama to salute the Kennedy Center honorees.
2:02 | 12/03/12

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Transcript for Kennedy Center Honors David Letterman, Led Zeppelin
The kennedy center honors, stars from new york joined president obama to salute the honorees. Lara, huge talent. Unbelievable to see, david letterman and the top receiving the awards for the arts. It's hard to see who was more excited stars of hollywood or washington. New bff hillary clinton and meryl streep. ♪ Reporter: Everyone rocked as foo fighters, kid rock and lenny kravitz belted out some of zeppelin's greatest hits. ♪ Reporter: And it took a bevy of famous comedians to pay tribute to late night comedian david letterman. Was he a brilliant, successful parody of a talk show host? Or some midwestern goon who was a little bit off? when I was a teenager, dave was my justin bieber. and I like to think of myself as his selena gomez. Reporter: But it was ray romano who was able to hit the emotional highlight of the evening as he celebrated his notoriously shy friend and mentor. What johnny carson was for you, you are for the rest of all of us here. I don't want to get -- I'm not good at that. I know you're not good, to hell with it. My father passed away, I never told him I love him. Dave, I know you're only 65, you look good. The heart's working. I ain't taking any chances. I love you, david letterman. that is great. What a night. That is one of my favorite shows. We never missed it every year. So many comedians feel that way about david letterman. I know. Great respect. Time for weather, sam.

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{"id":17866324,"title":"Kennedy Center Honors David Letterman, Led Zeppelin","duration":"2:02","description":"Stars joined President Obama to salute the Kennedy Center honorees.","url":"/GMA/video/david-letterman-kennedy-center-awards-led-zeppelin-ray-17866324","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}