David Miscavige Dedicates Scientology's Enormous Spiritual HQ

The church's elusive leader was on hand for the opening of its $145 million "flag" building.
2:17 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for David Miscavige Dedicates Scientology's Enormous Spiritual HQ
We're back now at 7:43 with the star-studded opening of the church of scientology's massive new head quarters. Some of the new rooms inside are being revealed for the first time. Linz linzie janis has the story. Reporter: Thousands of scientologists including tom cruise, john travolta, and kelly preston, gathered in florida this weekend for the opening of the church's 377,000-square foot flag building. Private event was policed by church volunteers. Pictures showed the elusive leader, david miscavage on sunday. It was built at a cost of $145 million. A scientology church like no other. Reporter: This graphic shows what is inside. A bookstore. A chapel. According to scientology, what this building has that none of its other facilities have are special rooms for practicing l. Ron hubbard's superpower program. He described 57 senses. According to the village voice, these leaked renderings show you what is in the room. Like this fyroscope. Or this one, that checks your magnetic sense. On the fifth floor are machines that scientology says can help develop a sense of smell, taste, awareness. Understand balance. Reporter: Hubbard developing THE PROGRAM IN THE 1970s. The church kept it under wraps because there wasn't a facility. Hubbard said the superpower program will develop in scientologists new skills. New abilities to perceive and new levels of awareness. Reporter: So far, the center has not been open to the public. According to church publications, a new emphasis will be placed on recruits new followers. Thank you, linzie. Coming up, maks is back. "Dancing's" most popular pro is

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{"id":20922691,"title":"David Miscavige Dedicates Scientology's Enormous Spiritual HQ","duration":"2:17","description":"The church's elusive leader was on hand for the opening of its $145 million \"flag\" building.","url":"/GMA/video/david-miscavige-dedicates-scientologys-enormous-spiritual-hq-20922691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}