David Oyelowo draws parallels between himself and the king he plays in 'A United Kingdom'

Oyelowo appears on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers' to talk about his role in the film 'A United Kingdom.'
19:10 | 02/08/17

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Transcript for David Oyelowo draws parallels between himself and the king he plays in 'A United Kingdom'
We student out. Be piping bus that rejected. I think pipe quantity. Is meant to be focusing our minds not on the white I have been only do not come. We're unless opponent crime. That's been too funny and that would married. And mind to have fought in love with. I cannot shut view without Obama's site. But I cannot but that. Africa to any other breed. Until almost ordered an act might. I didn't act recognized that read my blog new world reading on the quality and depth this. I don't know what have you. Because I loved Margaret book. Live and but I met my wife. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and my guess today David yellow well. You know him from playing Martin Luther king and Selma. If you really lucky you've got to see him on stage in the fellow. It was really lucky and now if you're Smart you will be seeing David. In a movie called the United Kingdom is a true story and which you are affected on well. A whole lot of levels anyway they walk things would have Lanka. It's so great to have you here aren't we're down we'll go to the singing. That's lack of its of course that's that's always. So sad that out for us what United Kingdom is and it's a true story it's a true story of why. He well outsource us in 1947. Soon enough to the Second World War inserts that come on who I play. He's the heir to the throne of books one who's studying in London and falls in love with this. Why go and love woods and sees quite quickly. Becomes problematic but for his country's South Africa and Great Britain this into racial marriage that was really frowned upon by all those nations. Yes it was great to see everybody pissed off. You enjoy that impact. I'd like to say that we don't see any of that anymore but of course we don't realize it be flying and we don't really wanted to do that yes. Why has this story taken so long to be told some. It's a very good question you know I like to think it was waiting for me courts. But that's absolutely how I felt when I first happened upon. The book about seven years ago when a producer I was working live. Certainly this book color blah written by Susan Williams and was about reasons ritzy and I just couldn't believe I didn't know. About this story. And even more so why it hadn't been tending to a movie. Yet because it just feels so obvious sense. Well almost the same period there's a movie that's been at this your called loving which was right out. A couple again a mixed racial marriage that created a lot that was happening but he year. Your characters are its economy is descended from royalty he's ready to be BK yes now it's the scope and scale of this story of medals flows me like you say. He is about to go back to his country and become. King of all of of his nation and them of course understandably they don't know ready for a white queen. Not only but Great Britain who. Puts one at a time was a kind of color me all of is having pressure from South Africa to unknown the marriage because. South Africa's threatening to leave the commonwealth that threatening to an active. The United Kingdom the Iranian being mean to fight the Cold War I mean just because two people. But enough. No they don't like that but they especially don't like losing potential money did up until the heat than it is always some other agenda that is going yes yes yes yes but that was also very real racism you know and salute. The thing with this particular story is a lot of the racism was covered op in. What they deemed to be political problem so they. In Great Britain it's the essence in life and said that you know which trying to help you out because this mine has been of course reductions with the Euro countries so wouldn't eggs you. In this city for five years and then for a long long I was struck by a scene in the movie to where there. They're telling roof that. Rosner and pike place. Yes nice to have somebody. Pietrus. Not about downs. Now it is really bad but. They're saying wait to see gets it there. Yes and sees that this is not going to be bucking him writes she thinks she's marrying rod to which he never had a field in. And Lopez love you know and and when it's true love he's. It's about the person and you you Bulow with them for bets 04 Willis and you know that's walk. To me set this couple upon and that's why the love these I think helped them to overcome so. Months I mean you wouldn't talk about insurmountable all of this one thing if you parents are against. Who you marry it's another thing if nations. Coming against him and exiling you for it yet. What this is not unfamiliar to you since you yourself married to wait yes yes yes and you yourself. And I am I I think it strange when you first came on and you just need to Powell well a lot of the head. This nexus you haven't done much of the about it try it is and I didn't get it right. But its first that who you actually I'll. How some of any means. Something doesn't yes it means a king deserves respects. Thank you have glad you did it is reprehensible. They offensive since enough of them justify now I mean I yes might might mind. Fathers is is a prince I guess that means I am as well but it's nothing like this and it's certainly nothing like what I grew up with the in the UK in terms of the royal family but. I'm yes I'm I'm married to a white lady but we had nothing like. What these two. Experience and in a way that's. One of the things inspired me to want to do the film is is because of the appreciation night from having it do what they had to do you know. But my own father. Who's from the Europe but tried in Nigeria married. My mom who's from the e-book tries and that was taboo. And she like you know Ruth Williams was also common sense my dad and mom that's it loop. The case to get serious economic connections of the story in the way we'll talk about life and art but I want to go back to. Because when you've been on before and never really don't. With your child take your growing up like this to it so. Yes you move to England and but was it like it anybody bring this up other kids that you Langley. That you wore. And in Nigeria and we it was that or read and then in England at least. In England well it was funny in in in England my dad has these tribal mosques on news. Face and which and indicates of the family that he's from both companies from but when I was younger he told me that he had fought a tiger. That's why he had he traveled months of his face I went to school saying don't listen because my dad sport I guess he will take you and he would come and get reforms. It would Steve its level month and they would leave me in it wasn't until we go back to Nigeria and that was picked up a vehicle by on by a number of my uncles. And I though oh. Everyone's full time that eat. What's at the time you know everybody's that these what does this time ago. And he says. Aides mounted Baghdad's because of premier. Okay. Thanks for the news and then that's when you change again without this way death. I became intolerable both and no one could speak to me I allow you into my in the circle because you. Like movies and that was it yeah otherwise it would just people. Yeah and tiger would be in the optic can't get beat and I do not happen. So you you're you're by the way acts in this news yet and they're playing the wife I'm really reprehensible. Preakness homeless yes good to script flip. I think really yes so she wanted to on to be in this. With used to. Clay somebody that would be giving your cat actor yes wanted to play races this it's not. Basically and do the little too well for my liking have to say. Note you know Jess and I Mets do you fits who we were teammates isn't she's a wonderful actress and this story for obvious reasons means a lot of lewis'. Wonderful Garcia students have been as well so you and she never. Had to face anything from fan monies from the society. You're insane what do you do. I wouldn't say that. It's certainly wasn't like I assume the scope and scale of of this but actually there's a scene in the film that is them. You know partly inspired by something that happens Jess and I he we were on things. Train in in the UK no long enough to we've got married in the room. A group of guys that. Very clearly didn't enjoy the fight that this black that was Lucas why a woman and based on its wanting some and I see when we go to off. Now states and they they go and often and when to attack me and she screamed. In the U. And they rose animal away and we were going to demand a few months and I just vote who. You I have no idea what does apple juice and its hydrants. But you know and you have a physics is similar senior risk. Port. Exactly lap event coming up and saying exactly yeah. Get your hands of woman's they say and but otherwise you have been felt any of this I'd. It's racism as were the note. I hope queen. Comes along in old kinds of packages. And you know I have experienced states in parts of America. Experience indefinitely in parts of South Africa being that we. With mine my wife and I know it no direct attacks upon my wife and I but you can just feel it. You know units in the attitudes and the way people talk to you didn't salute to you should say this is is it it's it's just subtle. Yes how I've experience yes you know it's it's just it's something in the and you know. Look what it's one of the things that helps you get through life is blatantly give them the benefit of the doubt show that that's what it. What it was but you know deep down that something was off. Than you know it's it's look its own the best feeling. Oh. You have children you don't have just one or two you have yes for us like to procreate that's it's a big thing off form them yet you need to say this is the world they're royalty to do. Yes they did just basically that you both know that I have you know not let them know about the royalty as must've been doubly intolerable. What age range aren't the 15128. And 53 hours ago. Each one dangerous age forty and now I know I hope this arrived oh. Everett nobody in. As well it's just good you know you have everything that's happening and I do and I have three sons and my youngest is a dual attack and every one cents and it's gonna have you wrap the kind of thing now. We're disciplinarian and let's go came along oh my goodness I'm in trouble. It's really see why it's really difficult then yes it's very very cute and its is a bit of an audit mission she comes in the room and I silently. Then waited. Yet read into it as if you're eating something that was the case CDs and gentlemen I know use. Like real you know you think I shouldn't have told you that I have a closer that. And far you know but yet to judge Miriam what it was like popcorn would be. Yeah I'd just eating is almost he has I have a physiological reaction to she's just so wonderful note like completely. Just yet you know you've got to do. Enough. Sometimes it gets into a little bit of certifications I have to via B scaffold with its. There. Are organizations. That will that you GAAP. Probably cut if they are preparing us out of basic in this effort pays about going to be hopefully. It is wrong about them. But note you and me this how much do your children know about what you do. Well you know they often spend time with me and said it will we have some Botswana and the UK while we so this. We home schooled them for awhile you know that they could travel around without them now in school but you know we. We take them so that they can experience some of these amazing places it's to make movies and he went they react to it I mean there's so. Such an age range there that they would react the same heat but is it like. Who cannot be apart that they didn't enjoy it when I'm doing love stories right kiss ladies of them army. They really did enjoy that no Mondays in this movie there's no kissing the the yet noted it doubly so he's I think it's even waited that mummies in the film and then I'm Kissinger's. So so. Just traumatize the children. As they go to this there's. Eat it too they get very quiet afterward. They get very vocal actually do that would mom but the fact that they think. Very loud. So you're living basically in Los Angeles most yes yes so these are very American kids. They opt. Opt out. Not an early American vote like valley kids that I cabinet that back valley accent which. The rose six the company is not gonna happen for them either. It seats is take them. To my fellow rehearsals. No but they did come NC a a that it my three sons. I'm I was really reticent about it because guess again as you so when you came to see the play. I'd kissed rich liberals and a loss. Of Delano Taylor has no way hadn't yet there's been getting away from it. But. Yes they were okay I think. What I talked about it. All right let me. Askew when you're looking at you you say in in the United Kingdom yens years staring at your own performance long been critical view. Yeah I think that's the anyway you left and for the next go around their axes to. Reidy combat what some themselves I am not one of those. But you know that that the main reason is I learned so much from from from watching and because sometimes you have things going through your head when you'll. Giving a performance that what you sow is coming off isn't what's coming off sometimes better sometimes citizens. You know you you it's it's an opportunity to re calibrate for the next time. Do you remember of view in this movie that comes close to satisfying. If you looked at is seen not the big scene or something else but something when you look at it you could say yes. That came close to wise signed on to do it. Well you know I grew up in the UK loving period dramas in the demise and ivory movies you know they'll be adaptations of addictions and Jane Austen and so. I had grown up watching the as loving them. And and always. You know had this ambition to be in one and so. When I close my eyes and I get a sort of nice warm in the glow about this from its. It's getting to be in a period drama in those London foggy streets. Being the protagonists and they and that in bed the likes of a movie that. You know you could see a Ritz a vast number of indirect to direct David mean you know our film is of that scope and scale butts. There wonderful things as directed by animus anti you know someone like me. Born in the UK put of African descent. And who in my opinion does a wonderful jokes about the thing and I'm Saddam must it has something that few movies had these days it has a real sense. Besides its purpose of telling that story of romance yes well you know what love and romance always leads to on the show. What staff paid it would be song. With that but of course what was what I get ice eight years. Opt opt opt out backstage at Fella you said we will be singing sometimes I think that yes hadn't you know that was even before instead how great you're. Bet I did what song is basically dancing through your heart now. Well for this dome. It will be Willis Clinton isn't gentle pull young love is in the end yeah. Mean I think that's pretty appropriate for this if it's you know the words I don't know them as I'm sure you Jim. While I I know the first few fear was that love is in the and everywhere a coup. Others in the N. Every side and every sound. I don't know if being foolish. Don't know if I'm being well is. But it's something that I do believe in and it's land Lou QU a. Hall mine. I fell in love with you and against the act as we did it was he that flow of I don't know yet. Let's do you guys think in the he had loses it probably UN me though a different slime off what this is an interracial that it is hot hot hot hot enough to own a very it's our way up. It.

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