David Petraeus Affair: Woman Who Blew the Whistle

Woman at the heart of the investigation is a family friend of Petraeus'.
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Transcript for David Petraeus Affair: Woman Who Blew the Whistle
Let's get to the latest shocking news that ended the career of cia's david petraeus. Martha raddatz has covered the four-star general for years. Good morning, martha. Good morning, george. This morning, we know that the woman at the heart of the investigation that led to petraeus a downfall who is a family who who his lover apparently felt threatened by. Reporter: The affair woo never have come to light if not for this woman, her name is jill kelley, seen leaving her tampa bay home sunday evening. She and her husband are long time supporters of the military. Officials say kelley is not romantically linked to david petraeus. She and her husband are family friends of the petraeuses. Early this year about the time that petraeus and paula broadwell were breaking off their affair. Kelley began receiving anonymous e-mails she felt so threaten sheg took to the authorities. They found saicious and explicit e-mails because broadwell and petraeus that made it clear, say officials that broadwell, and the nation's cia director were having an affair. The 40-year-old broadwell had extraordinary alaska ses to the 60-year-old general in afghanistan as his official biographer, a plum assignment for a novice writer. For him to allow the very first biography to be written about him, to be written by someone who had never written a book before, seemed very odd to me. Reporter: Despite the amount of time they spent together in afghanistan, friends say petraeus claims he and broadwell began their affair only after he was out of the army. If that turns out not to be true, he could face prosecution for adultery. Despite the lengthy investigation, the white house says it was not made aware of it until last wednesday. It just doesn't add up that the fbi would be carrying on this type of investigation without them bringing it to the president or the highest levels of the white house. There are in fact numerous questions that remain. This also frustrates some on capitol hill because david petraeus was supposed to appear on the hill about the cia's response to the attack in benghazi, libya, last september, george. And, martha, there's also a lot of suspicion out there that this was covered up until after the election, that the investigation had been going on for several months. Any evidence of that? Well, we don't know exactly when senior justice and fbi officials knew about this, but surely, before the election, they can argue that investigations should be kept private until they are complete. And that this was not a matter of national security. But others say if you have the cia director involved in something like this, that could open him up to blackmail, george. And to brand-new details on paula broadwell, the other woman

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{"id":17696268,"title":"David Petraeus Affair: Woman Who Blew the Whistle","duration":"3:00","description":"Woman at the heart of the investigation is a family friend of Petraeus'.","url":"/GMA/video/david-petraeus-paula-broadwell-affair-scandal-woman-blew-17696268","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}