DAVIDsTea Makes Specially Flavored Dessert Teas

Sam, Amy and Josh sample flavors like movie night popcorn and cookie dough.
3:19 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for DAVIDsTea Makes Specially Flavored Dessert Teas
David Siegel is here by the way. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll like you've got tee shots in Canada and across the State's right he had a good morning -- I think Ziad got a microphone -- feel really -- that. You cannot say John and -- hand I'd say how -- -- live studio audience most of them. And business he had dated zero Albany into finding her and really easy to make and we have a 150 incredible flavors from all over the world and we're doing it right. Yeah that's what color his empire are -- -- today all right. Popcorn. -- -- popcorn and telling -- I don't know him go ahead to ahead. Yeah. Dog movie night it's a breezy days with cannot pull -- -- popcorn. That's our anchor Craig -- could tell us on the nose yet. Some can -- is next and tough talk what does it -- -- yet chocolate I was using a copy but chocolate I don't know cause serious and chocolate in it but it -- -- Dissident it is -- kind of violent Jihad Jihad judges. Accident. -- you have bribe everyone in this place to -- -- was giddy Mike now you knew that I didn't give -- the but my judges -- pounds I don't you're next -- -- this is. Not just that no it's like it's like it's not -- -- bombs one of. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's really it's really relax so what is I can't. You can't that it is what and fine. -- -- -- Since about this but not admit that it was like have been red light is getting pretty senator yeah. It's terrific -- can't top itself that's of my favorites apartment and killing all the taste of our -- -- this this now this is very T like. This is the first one actually I guess nothing yet -- This just glad you did like like Redman let it now you're whenever I -- I'm still not to given. I had no idea just didn't you paper this -- -- Yeah. This is a black -- -- It's guiding this -- -- camera bits of that religious insult like this this is really -- Well he's a terrific obviously this is terrific tonight -- warned I think he used to do -- did you meet this these last July. We basically got two yeah -- forgot to and we want to know from you. Flavored -- what would you like I would how about one of these popcorn could you know mint chocolate salty. Have a mountain of malicious I think you can vote they're like where's there's usually a -- -- -- hard line it's over sands are probably over stamp -- -- yeah. -- he follows me wherever I go in isn't an abbreviated version of -- I think we're done aren't -- final -- thanks.

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{"id":18666546,"title":"DAVIDsTea Makes Specially Flavored Dessert Teas","duration":"3:19","description":"Sam, Amy and Josh sample flavors like movie night popcorn and cookie dough.","url":"/GMA/video/davidstea-makes-specially-flavored-dessert-teas-18666546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}