Davy Jones Dead: Bandmate Discusses Loss of Friend

Micky Dolenz discusses the unexpected death of Jones, who died of a heart attack
4:37 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Davy Jones Dead: Bandmate Discusses Loss of Friend
We're back now in line Davy Jones fans all over the world remembering the monkeys heartthrob who died suddenly yesterday. We'll hear from -- good friend and then maybe two dollars and just a moment but first a look back at that made for TV sensation. Mike you -- -- a -- six top ten -- and it's Tahoe. And even when the pre fab -- split up in 1972. Of the monkey stuck together. Mickey -- -- -- Davy Jones both former child actor is split lead singer duties and they were breakout stars after the band stopped recording. Jones and Dolan is continued to collaborate. What MTV and syndicated reruns creating a new generation of monkey mania in the eighties. The -- then got back together. They can do -- talked about their excitement on GM all day. It's like you to be kid again I do appreciate -- renowned for more than 55 years these two men -- band mates and friends. And Mickey Dolan joins us now and so great scene of so sorry for your loss thank you didn't get -- -- from the start. Yeah we and I remember him very well from the very early auditions and I think it's because we both have similar backgrounds have been on Broadway as Oliver. I had a series called circus -- so we knew the business the film. Side of the business expansion stage side of business. So we just -- hit -- off and I remember the produces when -- restriction of the different combinations of guys are auditioning. Continued to put us together and we just what we just hit -- off and you stay together for so long -- even last year. Up until last June and was -- huge tour last year got great reviews. One of the shows that some of the best reviews we ever got even from Rolling Stone that surprise. Can you believe that there. Any hints at all. Of -- health problem -- maybe none at all I was thinking about it you know he'd vegetarian. He's always outdoors and his horses whose passion was. We're we're training he'll run that as a jockey very he was going to be -- and an apprentice -- he's who's always out. Not doing as much right -- these days -- pet owners and trainers and you know his his mom I remembered passed on the -- very -- And then his father also passed on in the very early days of the monkeys and I believe it was from a heart attacks I think. Maybe there was some genetic -- -- amendment to it's. Nothing that we remove a pattern of he was under any parent that you wouldn't what's your best memory of -- what's the story that says this is who he -- Owners -- and mean. -- I do remember. We didn't have a lot of control over the music and show in and production you know at that age and at that time. But I do remember we have we shared a house together in the early days. What we could afford general pleases and we were driving up to and parking -- I listened to radio was known today and I never forget that -- lesson last train to Clarksville came on and -- So. That's just. But my Middle Eastern time Aaron hunt but he couldn't believe it won't -- because they didn't tell us fit into his songs going to be in there today. -- -- -- regret what we grew we grew up families together his ex wife and my exploits they had children about same time. So we had similar you know pads and in terms of families so they were always over the house. His sense of him in our hands and the monkeys are such a phenomenon you sort of skyrocketed to the top kids get now what that was all about. Where the I do -- in retrospect at the time of course I didn't think I you know I have. My my my feelings about that you know that it doesn't have a -- less important element was the fact that it was a television show about this band. That was not successful that we wanted to -- the defense. But never was on the show. It was about the struggles for success in -- spoke to a home bands all the broad stance on kids' room world. Two in their living rooms and in their basements. Trying to become successful. Because on the television show we wouldn't have a successful. Event that endeared us anything made it real to a lot of kids -- -- to close things come along down the pike since the -- his I think his lead. Which -- throw out an imaginary glee club I think you really are good and they can actually do you made your mark he spoke well for your friend meticulous thanks very much.

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{"id":15824287,"title":"Davy Jones Dead: Bandmate Discusses Loss of Friend","duration":"4:37","description":"Micky Dolenz discusses the unexpected death of Jones, who died of a heart attack","url":"/GMA/video/davy-jones-dead-monkees-micky-dolenz-discusses-loss-15824287","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}