Dax Shepard reveals the key to a successful marriage

The comedian weighed in on what he thinks makes married couples have the perfect relationship.
6:59 | 03/22/17

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Transcript for Dax Shepard reveals the key to a successful marriage
Everyone is excited for our next guest. He got his start playing in "Punk'd" and now bringing "Chips" to the big screen. Give a big welcome to Dax Shepard How are you. Hello. Yes! Oh. For those of you who have not hugged Michael, it's an experience. It's a workout, right? Like hugging your refrigerator. Really got to get out there. That wasn't a fat joke, Michael. I'll be standing on the corner giving out hugs later. That was a muscle mass joke. I don't think he's insecure about that. We have the bike right there. "Chips" big '70s show. Were you a big fan when you were a kid. I was 2 when it came out and what I was a fan of, it was motorcycles in California and John and ponch appealing to a 2-year-old into 8. I think it went off the air when I was 8. Look at these guys. Look at them. Tearing up the pave many, yeah. Obviously por obviously ponch was one of the premiere sex symbols I think of a decade, right? Do you agree? Erik Estrada. Absolutely. You fancied yourself a bit of an Estrada, I bet when you and your brother were riding bicycles. Just get 'em. Who were you, Michael? I don't know. And nobody looked like me on that show. Your beautiful wife Kristen bell, did you really make her audition? No, no, no. That was like a funny or die -- no, in fact -- but I did not want her to play the role because my wife in the movie is a terrible human being and my wife is such a wonderful, as you just squealed. So, she plays a real jerk and I didn't think of her naturally but she read it and thought it was funny and wanted to do it and she's the boss so she did it. She could have played ponch really if she -- if she would have asked for it. What is the secret, though, man? You guys do so much together. Always laughing together. You make it work at home and make it work on the set. What is the secret to all that. To sell refrigerators. We did not get along then we starred selling those refrigerators and I'm telling you now it's symbiosis morning, noon and night. I don't know. I don't know what the secret is. Well, I'll tell you this, we went to therapy early on to learn what our pattern was and where we needed to stop that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's great too. You go to the therapist and he listens to you talk for 30 seconds and he's like, I got it. You used to be a , yeah. So I always feel like you're if trouble. When you fwraz like does he think he's in trouble, he doesn't deserve to feel bad because he's a good guy. I think they wait until it's exploding before they see a professional. I thought an ounce of prevention this go around would be advisable. In addition to therapy because it's a great formula -- Our sex life, thank you for bringing that up. Also, very healthy. Very, very healthy. The king of segues, people. We have a dating expert, James, revealed what the most important thing is to a successful marriage. Do you know what that is or what do you think aside from the first two choices you just gave us? Well, I would say to not have contempt for one another. That's where you're done. That's a start. He actually said not quite as deep but best sense of humor. If you have a shared sense of humor. I'll buy that. And I'm imagining that's how you boys landed the ladies. How dare you, I'm so tall and handsome. No, I just look at girls and then I walk away like dream on and then they run after me. But, no, I -- Funny people. I can also dance really well. Those are the two elms I had to have in my repertoire as a super gangly awkward teen. But you didn't -- You didn't even have to dance or be funny. I don't even want -- in what are you doing next Friday? You said you're brilliant. Though, you finished at the top of your class at UCLA. Well, thank you. Wow! Now -- This is a flatter fest. I love it. Anthropology. Yes, sir. Look at Michael. That wikipedia was on fire this morning. Smoke coming out. Mag magna cum what? No, this is a mistake. He added this to wikipedia. Change that computer. Get another computer. You want to see a bit of "Chips," the movie? Here it is right now. What? No, no, you're a better shot than me. Like Jimmy -- take it. Man up, John. I'll do it. I'll do it. Okay. Jesus, John. John. Okay, okay. You got to aim ten degrees to the left. Go. Oh. Are you aiming ten degrees to the left? Fire. Ooh. I know. Whoa! Good morning. Everybody is going to love seeing you on that. A lot of scenes on the bike. Yes, I'm a big, big motorcyclist. It's my number one hobby and so this movie was purely an excuse. Oh, yeah, I was born atop a motorcycle. This whole movie was an excuse to ride that thing around. That's me with the camera on the front of the motorcycle. To justify it to Kristen, it's work. It's paying the bills, all right. Putting bacon on the table. But the first time we met he pulled up on a bike like that and I was like, that's a cool guy. At a dinner party? We've dined together in yes. Yes. Almost as thrilling as hugging you. So why don't you -- The second after we get off the air you're getting another hug. You know what, everybody, make sure you check it out. "Chips" hits theaters on Friday.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"The comedian weighed in on what he thinks makes married couples have the perfect relationship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46288036","title":"Dax Shepard reveals the key to a successful marriage","url":"/GMA/video/dax-shepard-reveals-key-successful-marriage-46288036"}