Day Care Murder: Demons Discussed in Testimony

Forensic psychologist gives boost to defense claims that Hemy Neuman is insane.
0:37 | 03/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Day Care Murder: Demons Discussed in Testimony
But now the latest twist in the so called. On day -- murder trial a Georgia man accused of gunning down his romantic rival saying it was Olivia Newton-John and Barry White who told him to kill. Thursday a forensic psychologist gave a big boost to his insanity defense. -- -- -- -- joins us now with more on much more of this. Good morning -- the psychiatrists really backing up the suspect. -- this psychiatrist for the defense isn't the first time she's ever testified that defendant that a defendant was not criminally responsible for murder because of his mental state. The prosecution is pretty much calling the suspect -- Newman a big -- Henry -- -- believes he shouldn't be held responsible for murdering rusty Snyder -- because a higher power forced him to do it. -- celebrity spirit who look like Olivia Newton-John. Thursday a psychiatrist for the defense backed up his claims. Diagnosing him with a long list of mental problems including bipolar disorder mania depression and delusions like this. Try the demon -- Much because you. -- not mean yeah. Found the demon was -- -- club because it. -- the demon. -- -- Months before the murder this psychiatrist says Newman claimed he was visited by an Angel and shortly after had a revelation that he was the father of injuries snyderman children. His alleged lover and the widow of his victim. He also told me that he -- Rusty gone. -- -- -- -- kids together. The psychiatrist says Newman claims he was later visited by the same Angel after meeting rusty snyderman for the first time. He thought to himself as he's -- he's not I have to kill you you'd expect from -- point nine. -- and I got my marching orders to listen people soldier. The defense argues Andrea Snyder -- manipulated new -- driving him to insanity and murder. Snyderman denies an affair but Newman describes the psychiatrist a number of encounters the former co workers allegedly shared together. They stayed in the same room same bed. She -- and stroked his chest and -- helped each other for about half an hour -- most incredible moment. But prosecutors say this doesn't prove Newman was mentally ill arguing the engineer is Smart enough to have researched how to fake the symptoms. Meantime Andrea -- man has been behaving herself and is following the rules by staying away from court she was banned a week ago today by the judge. For allegedly -- threatening a witness a good friend who cast doubt on her version of events after the murder of her husband so bizarre.

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{"id":15831984,"title":"Day Care Murder: Demons Discussed in Testimony","duration":"0:37","description":"Forensic psychologist gives boost to defense claims that Hemy Neuman is insane.","url":"/GMA/video/day-care-murder-demons-discussed-testimony-15831984","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}