Day Care Murder: Hemy Neuman Won't Testify

In rare moment, defendant in murder trial speaks to say he won't take stand.
1:01 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Day Care Murder: Hemy Neuman Won't Testify
The defense has rested this morning in the case of a Georgia man accused of killing a young -- outside a local daycare center ABC's -- nine and has the latest twist in the trial. In a rare moment to -- his three week murder trial penny Newman spoke saying he would not take -- stand in his own defense. -- -- -- Wrapping up its case Thursday the defense called -- final expert supporting humans insanity plea. Mr. Newman. This time of the west defense was unable to distinguish between right and wrong. Saying he was bipolar. When he gunned down young father rusty snyderman. At this daycare in 2010. She didn't see this as murder summer. Factory and his whole equation he saw himself -- on mission to protect its -- -- has claimed that angels and demons encouraged him to kill. He was reportedly obsessed with -- -- wife Andrea. Forms twist attachment power through eating out there and they even have kids parents -- The prosecution maintains Newman is -- -- in calculating killer. Bringing in its own psychiatrist Thursday. Who said it is implausible for -- to have manic episodes. Without anyone around him knowing about it closing arguments could Begin as early as Monday and if found guilty -- could face life in prison. For Good Morning America -- nine and ABC news new U.

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{"id":15884511,"title":"Day Care Murder: Hemy Neuman Won't Testify","duration":"1:01","description":"In rare moment, defendant in murder trial speaks to say he won't take stand.","url":"/GMA/video/day-care-murder-hemy-neuman-testify-15884511","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}