Day Care Murder Trial: Shocking New Video Released

Video may disprove defendant's claim that voices in his head drove him to kill.
2:35 | 03/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Day Care Murder Trial: Shocking New Video Released
-- latest twist in the so called day care murder trial. A shocking in jail house video the defendant may prove that voices in his head did not drive him to kill his romantic rival. ABC's -- and has been following the trial and joins us from Washington with the latest good morning -- Good morning be on -- health -- human said he thought about stabbing poisoning even staging an accident to -- father and Harvard grad. Rusty snyderman. In the videos he describes his plot and simple but -- details. And I. Okay. -- interviews with the State's forensic psychiatrist. Heavy Newman described how he snuck up to rusty snyderman is home to -- A week before the actual murder but his attempt failed when snyderman came outside to check on a gas leak. Oh yeah. City news house and his -- plan. Undeterred by failing to complete what he called his mission. Newman tried and succeeded a week later. -- -- -- Neumann shot rusty snyderman four times at close range after snyderman had dropped his son off at day care. New -- pleaded guilty by reason of insanity telling police he -- demons and angels. Who told him to kill even -- -- visions of Barry White and Olivia Newton-John. There's never been any evidence that he had seen. Entities or. -- -- The defense argues that Newman was carrying on an affair with Andrea snyderman -- wife and that love turned into obsession. Leading him to kill -- husband it's an affair Andrea snyderman denies. The court -- videotaped testimony. Clips of how carefully he planned the attack -- psychiatrist testified the methodical planning was not typical of someone suffering from a mental disorder. Court resumes on Monday.

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{"id":15892712,"title":"Day Care Murder Trial: Shocking New Video Released","duration":"2:35","description":"Video may disprove defendant's claim that voices in his head drove him to kill. ","url":"/GMA/video/day-care-murder-trial-shocking-video-released-15892712","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}