Day Care Murder Trial: Defense Case Damaged?

Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams on if a psychiatrist's testimony hurt Neuman's defense.
4:53 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Day Care Murder Trial: Defense Case Damaged?
Legal team now Nancy Grace is the host of HLN's Nancy Grace she's in Los Angeles this morning. And here with me in New York is -- legal analyst Dan Abrams good morning to you both like to start with you find made the whole case from the defense rests on the fact. That mr. Newman was insane when he committed this murder yet. Testimony that he was wearing a disguise he was driving a rental car that he lying to police doesn't that -- he knew what he was doing was wrong. Well you're absolutely correct not only that. The -- the rental car the getting red of they'd gotten in Lake Lanier which is a substantial -- -- away from where the incident occurred. All indicate he knew -- he was doing plus he underwent five hours of police interrogation. And never cracked and what's really damning. Are the defense is only two shrinks. The -- one says that Flores that she didn't -- the whole file. Evidence -- come out that this guy -- ever -- literally thousands of engineers at GE appeared normal at work. And that he had no history of -- illness prior to this quote temporary insanity. Then his other -- did -- stay and instead it reminds me at David and Bathsheba. You say that in the Bible Belt where the jurors know what you're talking about because David in the story David and Bathsheba the old testament. -- the execution. Of his love objects husband -- T usually so that was a really bad comparison you know. Mr. Newman had been seeing these visions of Olivia Newton-John and her -- -- and watching -- -- -- look. I'm not gonna defend this defense because I think that there -- big big trouble here. But it when you're -- spot where your psychologist in -- evaluating what someone is thinking you don't tend to have corroboration. Four. The agents now the problem is that he's very selective about when it is that he comes forward. -- these visions why city come -- at one point and not at other points. Why -- -- divisions. She transformed from sounds into into divisions it said so -- -- really tough spot -- the defense and it's compounded by the fact that the defense's own experts have not been great. And it's really difficult to prove insanity in court against -- got the burden. The defense not beaten -- we always talk about this the prosecution has the burden of proof case beyond a reasonable doubt except. In a case like this we say. I am legally insane OK then you have to then prove that -- to the defense now has the burden to demonstrate. That he is legally insane and he didn't understand right. Wrong and -- work it's so hard. Nancy there was also lots of -- yesterday on the victim's wife Andrea snyderman emails and text messages that were exchanged between Andrea -- -- -- -- mr. -- the defense is saying that -- actually manipulated. -- Into killing. Her husband and they made their case. Well of course they said that -- those sites are saying the two of them had a six affair prior to the murder. And now in court the defense is left with nothing better today that this point to somebody else but you know what. This state says great they had an affair so where does that. Real identity cards that there are no clear -- could have been manipulation and that's still not insanity -- even if if she even if you believe. She was well manipulative even if you believe that she was engaging in efforts to get him somehow -- partly -- that is the question legally is -- There's -- right and wrong matter. The right because the law is for some want to -- worst you to commit a crime. You have to be in fear of your own life. That didn't happen here if this guy was over saying. Thousands of employees and ran at 800 million dollar budget showed no sitcoms. Other illness before the incident and even admits to his shrink. I knew what I did was wrong that was in this case file and this trick says she didn't bother to read the whole final. Not only once right screwed up -- -- -- it just crucial rates for the defense. Failed him miserably and there also. He's saying that she dangled the kids' welfare her own kids welfare as a motivation for Mr. Bush -- the defense is in essence saying that he thought he was doing the right thing in protecting the kids -- but -- but again. Proving that. He's not remembered today and it wasn't just the -- it wasn't just a wife that allegedly said the children were in danger. It was very wide and eliminate jobs and on NASDAQ is -- rock guitars and aren't they that we're all in on it together so I guess the defense was to bring them into court it packed. Bizarre case to say the least -- and Nancy thank you so much for being here this morning.

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{"id":15856412,"title":"Day Care Murder Trial: Defense Case Damaged?","duration":"4:53","description":"Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams on if a psychiatrist's testimony hurt Neuman's defense.","url":"/GMA/video/day-care-murder-trial-defense-case-damaged-15856412","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}