Day Care Murder Trial: Psychiatrist Testifies

Prosecutors hammer away at a key witness for Hemy Neuman's insanity defense.
2:31 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Day Care Murder Trial: Psychiatrist Testifies
Get to -- that bruising day in court for the defense in the so called date terror murder trial. Prosecutors have been hammering away at one of the defense is key witnesses getting some big concessions. From a psychologist who claimed that -- Newman was insane on the day he gunned down his alleged romantic rival. And ABC's -- -- joins us this morning with the very latest good. Good morning Elizabeth in addition to that doctor's testimony. The hypothetical possibility was raised -- Andrea -- -- -- -- humid in on this murder to gather. -- that there was I think prosecutors appeared to blow holes through heavy -- insanity defense late Monday. During a heated cross examination asking doctor Adriana -- is the key forensic psychologist for the defense. Why she only reviewed a summary of human psychiatric records. Something could be in the material that you didn't get IBP I had sufficient information to -- -- in my opinion -- you don't know and you don't care. Of course I care but she's not reviewed the material -- you don't know. Newman is charged with killing rusty snyderman outside this Georgia daycare in 2010. His lawyers say he was delusional at the time of the killing not knowing right from Ron Gettelfinger -- productive Flores dropped another bombshell on the stand. Suggesting prosecutors had exaggerated -- they said Newman -- spirits. In the form of singers Barry White. And Olivia Newton-John. Has there ever been description from hitting me that he ever -- A vision of Olivia Newton-John -- -- six foot Olivia Newton-John. No he has not. Instead doctor floors argued that Newman was in part manipulated by -- Andrea snyderman the wife of the man he killed. -- Now he believed. They have a special connection and even be together forever and brings together. Attorneys on both sides -- new men and snyderman were having an affair a charge she is denied under oath. On Monday defense attorneys went further asking if snyderman had pushed human beating him to believe her children were in danger. She was claims he -- suggestions and manipulate them. -- into believing what she didn't need him to thinking what's. Court doesn't resume until Thursday but attorney seemed confident they'll have this trial wrapped up as early as this week Newman could face life in prison if he's found guilty.

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{"id":15856375,"title":"Day Care Murder Trial: Psychiatrist Testifies","duration":"2:31","description":"Prosecutors hammer away at a key witness for Hemy Neuman's insanity defense.","url":"/GMA/video/day-care-murder-trial-psychiatrist-testifies-15856375","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}