Star Given Wrong Award Envelope at Daytime Emmys

Aisha Tyler plays it cool when she realizes she almost announced the winner to a different award.
3:33 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for Star Given Wrong Award Envelope at Daytime Emmys
Also fancy, samuel j. In l.A. This morning, he's been giving us the weather but now, sam, again, it was a night not to be forgotten at the daytime emmys and you were rolling on all of it, my friend. What do you have? Wow, josh, daytime emmy, daytime television's biggest night. It is delivered with everything you would have expected, drama with those unpredictable award presenters and speefs. You had tender moments where betty white and monty hall, some of the biggest names in television's past walked out, as well and then you had some moments like ricki lake winning outstanding talk show, ben bailey for "ricki lake show" and "cash cab" that had already been canceled. The set, the statues, the stars. It's daytime tv's biggest night. But what does it take to make a night like this come together? Well, this year I can take you behind the scenes so this is my first time hosting a big time awards show. Not as easy as you think it would be. This is backstage going over the scripts right now and also -- I'll show you something. When we rehearse we're looking at the audience as who they are. Each one of the stars who will be here has a big card with their picture on it. Along with hln's a.J. Hammer and robin meade a little preshow rehearsal. ♪ Everyone knows ♪ and a quick change for the main event and, yeah, just a few jitters. A little behind-the-scenes secrets for the viewers. I know. Whatever happens tonight, this is because we rehearsed about three minutes of the show. Reporter: Here on the red carpet most were just looking for the fun. Great thrill to be nominated for a daytime emmy. The 14th emmys I've been to or 13th so to be finally nominated is very exciting. Reporter: When the cameras rolled -- ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your host for the evening. Reporter: We were ready for a celebration four decades in the making. Thank you for being here. The daytime emmys turn 40 years old or as I like to tell my agents and my friends, 29. Some of tv's biggest names on hand from it golden age to its glamorous present and even to glimmering future. Also announce the emmys for outstanding supporting actor -- first ever for an awards show a special nod to talk. Winners were with talk to a special set to share their victory moment in the spotlight. How does it feel to be elevated to one of the tops in the business? I don't know. Feels great really. Reporter: Of course, this is a live show so anything can happen. If I read it out I'll give another category away so I'm just going to put it back in the envelope. Reporter: In the end there were 20 winners in all from daytime drama to cooking programs to outstanding original song like congratulations to "good afternoon america." ♪ Good afternoon america ♪ oh, oh oh, so I had to be -- I was on the phone right away letting josh know that the song had won. It was an amazing night. There were some glitches but just as much glamour and a whole lot of laughs. I had a blast doing it. Josh? Many have, you were brilliant. You've never looked so replane dent 29 years young and I got to tell you flinches equals live television. Which equals good tv. It does. Hey, congratulations on "good afternoon america." Oh, my god, did we win an emmy. Emmy award winning "gaa." Can't wait to see you and, of

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Aisha Tyler plays it cool when she realizes she almost announced the winner to a different award.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19419539","title":"Star Given Wrong Award Envelope at Daytime Emmys","url":"/GMA/video/daytime-emmy-awards-2013-aisha-tyler-wrong-envelope-19419539"}