DC Teenager Parties at the White House

Local teen wins holiday card competition gets to party with the Obama's.
2:07 | 12/17/11

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Transcript for DC Teenager Parties at the White House
Get into a White House party won't -- -- be a diplomat -- Hollywood star political big wig -- -- you -- do it through sheer talent which is how 116 year old got on the guest list ABC's David currently has this story. -- credit Martinez is like a lot of sixteen year olds. France where he likes video games and pizza. But this high school junior is also passionate about -- A star student at DC's Duke Ellington -- high school. Brennan's case gravitated to Mexican folklore and fantasy yarn but a little different than a holiday imitation. Yes that's had been just a -- pavilion. But -- this man is on the same -- -- And Branden used those principles at his teacher's -- to enter a White House competition. Designed holiday -- for the first family. This is what -- came up with the holiday -- the presidential seal. I do. Actually you. The job. That's right the First Lady pick Brandon drawing now printed on the thousands of White House holiday party invitation -- We'll do it doesn't want this is the lineups and who exactly is credibly and says. You know that the CEO and -- us. Her affairs my name on the -- -- and W something or proud about is -- managed. The man. It's the first time in at least thirty years that a student's art has graced the White House invite. When I found that out I mean I don't want this seems so excited because I'm more than they've Baghdad sending -- plan with my mom screaming my -- all excited over the last few split him out. Brandon received one of the invitations his mom was his -- in one of the many White House Christmas party. A chance to meet the president and the First Lady. She congratulated me Elmo word can -- is -- nice to -- -- first say that to -- is like. Well -- senior vice Versa -- Pretty heady stuff for a sixteen year old who helped bring a little holiday joy to the White House. -- currently ABC news Washington.

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{"id":15177566,"title":"DC Teenager Parties at the White House","duration":"2:07","description":"Local teen wins holiday card competition gets to party with the Obama's. ","url":"/GMA/video/dc-teenager-parties-white-house-15177566","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}