Deadly Avalanches Kill Four in Washington

Two separate avalanches at a popular ski area turn deadly.
2:00 | 02/20/12

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Transcript for Deadly Avalanches Kill Four in Washington
-- Begin with those deadly avalanches that trapped. And killed four near a popular Washington State ski resort. Good morning to you Robin will the spears who lost their lives here were experts they had all the right safety -- They knew the risks but in the end they could not out -- on the power and fury of mother nature. Unleashed. It happened in just seconds a massive wall of snow barreling down on the side of the mountain pulling -- straight down nearly 3000 feet. Everyone. Waited for that this -- -- and immediately went into their rescue mode. Using their avalanche beacons two locate their friends. Eight skiers were trapped five were rescued but 43 men it was too late. Free skiing world tour official Jim Jack Stevens pass marketing director Chris Rudolph and skier John Brennan were all killed. Pro -- a lease talks that was also trapped but survived by deploying a safety -- back like this one -- three weeks ago helped save a snowboarder in Colorado. The skiers about a dozen in all we're in a back country area outside the ski resort boundaries the resort manager says that is not illegal. It's very common for people who do what's called that country -- but with nearly two feet of fresh snow in 24 hours. Forecasters had warned the avalanche danger was high. I wouldn't be doing it but again that's part of the thrill on on this this type of -- so it was their decision. Just last month we saw firsthand the sheer power of an avalanche -- and we've got an audio. This home video captures the dramatic struggle to save a Washington snowmobile or after key to it was buried alive and her partner about. -- -- Unfortunately that was not the only fatal avalanche here in Washington over the weekend at a ski area just a few hours from here a snow -- Was killed when an avalanche carried him off the edge of a -- so far nationwide this this winter there have been seventeen avalanche fatalities.

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{"id":15750318,"title":"Deadly Avalanches Kill Four in Washington","duration":"2:00","description":"Two separate avalanches at a popular ski area turn deadly.","url":"/GMA/video/deadly-avalanches-kill-washington-15750318","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}