Deadly Winter Storm Blamed for 6 Deaths

Parts of the West have been hit by snow and a Nor'easter might threaten the East
3:17 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Deadly Winter Storm Blamed for 6 Deaths
Let's get right to that deadly winter storm being blamed for at least six deaths right now. Parts of the west already hit by storm snow now nor'easter may threaten the east to just in time for the holidays -- -- tracking all the latest coast to coast good morning Sam. Hey Robin and we're just what a couple days from winter it's unbelievable how powerful this storm is so far this morning we've got those blizzard warnings now have been dropped. We're just two or three states are kind of looking at very we just lost New Mexico within the last ten minutes on the warnings that storm system has got to move through that area. But take a look at the history and power of this storm California we got this thing cranking on Sunday with some very strong coastal winds even that mountain snow we saw was powerful enough to -- twenty into the snow hit not -- -- its New Mexico last night Las Vegas New Mexico. 24 inches of snow seventy mile -- wins. There were a hundred car rescues from the panhandle of Texas all the way and in Mexico and then that storm got really cranky. In Colorado to Kansas I seventy closed we can meteorologist ginger -- is there this morning right in the middle of the good morning ginger. Good morning Kim good morning everyone parts of southwest -- this. Got half of their annual snowfall that as a lot but it's a lot for them five to ten inches fell. Anyone who gusty winds gusting winds blew a five to ten inches and -- had won the three foot drifts that's where we found. A dangerous and sometimes deadly situation. From Kansas to Colorado to New Mexico. A cold winter blast has pummeled the great plains just days before a busy holiday weekend. The storm turned deadly in New Mexico where four people died on the highway. Over 100 stranded motorists in Texas called 911 pleading to be rescued as snow ripped through the region. In Colorado's snow along with strong winds ripped through linking county causing big breaks to slide off the road closing highways. No real real slow that -- they can't hurry and with the visibility like it is just finds a place where they get to shelter is the best thing and stay off the road. Here in Dodge City, Kansas pretty much everybody's gotten out of -- strong winds gusting over forty miles per hour have left piles of snow in some places two feet tall. Making travel on the roads very dangerous. And we're not seeing a whole lot in the way of traffic behind us here at the snow still falling slightly -- -- conditions can exist. Even when snow is not falling to the continues to blow around that plus the single digit wind chills making it now that comfortable and a very rough day for digging out Sam. -- ginger there is some good news out of this system though as we watch where it goes next as we see this look up power out. And move on its way in. And kind of toward I'm kind of kind of the planes into the northeast it is moving in those directions but it has nothing but warm air -- all of this will become rain at this point this storm not a concern for anyone. There is however one storm that the models are picking up. That could be a concern and that is. This this is a powerful impulse of low pressure the models think may be a Christmas Eve storm. If that is one area of low pressure it will be a more of a problem kind of mixing -- snow and rain right now we see to that means coastal rain. And inland snow Saturday into Sunday we've got to watch this thing and time not very carefully Robin George. Maybe a tiny and it's not -- the business.

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{"id":15195361,"title":"Deadly Winter Storm Blamed for 6 Deaths","duration":"3:17","description":"Parts of the West have been hit by snow and a Nor'easter might threaten the East","url":"/GMA/video/deadly-winter-storm-blamed-deaths-15195361","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}